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Sacramento, CA Piano Moving Company

Moving a Piano in Sacramento with Mother Lode Van & Storage


Whether it was purchased on the used side of eBay or passed down from ancestors you never met, pianos are precious instruments that need proper care, protection, and…well, love! From the smooth polished surface to the harmonious and angelic sound they produce, Sacramento piano movers make sure your valuable instrument is in good hands when relocating. Many pianos are primarily made of fine wood whereas ​​metal, steel wire, and molten iron are also used. The most common types of pianos are upright pianos, digital pianos, baby grand pianos, and grand pianos. They can cost anywhere from $200 for a digital to a staggering $200,000 for a grand– upright and baby pianos can come anywhere in between. Additionally, they can be built with over 10,000 moving parts and weigh up to 800 pounds!

To prevent damage to your instrument, floors, or walls, you’ll no doubt be needing the right company to handle the arduous task of piano moving– and don’t even think about attempting to handle it on your own! That’s a disaster waiting to happen! To prevent this generation from being your piano’s last, an experienced Sacramento piano moving company will treat the instrument as if it were their own.

Hire a Professional Sacramento Piano Mover- Top Reasons

Why not handle moving the piano on your own? Well, there is a long list of complications that can occur from lifting, carrying, and loading up the insanely heavy and fragile instrument without a professional crew. Pianos are very expensive, valuable, and are seen as a lovely showpiece in people’s homes– let’s keep it that way! Having you or your family members attempt the heavy piano move increases the risk of harm to the instrument and more importantly to yourselves! That’s thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage we’re talking about! In the end, it could end up costing you more than if you hire professionals to do it for you.

Imagine all the things that could go wrong with your precious piano if you don’t have a proper crew to take care of it. It could collapse on someone, get dropped and destroyed, move around in the truck, be scratched and chipped, and so on. Professional Sacramento piano movers have certain skills and training for this task that will remove all of those negative possibilities so you can sit back and relax. 

Sacramento Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

There is a right and a wrong way to properly move a piano. The wrong way would be to lack the proper materials and techniques necessary for the job whereas the correct way is the exact opposite. Trained movers know which kinds of equipment to have. Regarding grand, baby, and upright pianos, some of the up-to-date equipment that would be brought are specialized piano dollies for moving the instrument from point A to point B, stair rollers for transporting it up or down flights of stairs, liftgates, and ramps to safely place the piano in  the truck and tie-down straps like skid boards and board straps for securing it within the specialized moving truck. It’s important that pianos are properly fastened in the vehicle to prevent them from falling over or banging against the walls. Moving blankets and shrinkwrap are ideal for preventing scrapes on the paint of the sensitive instrument.

You can ask about the moving crew’s level of training and experience with preparing, disassembling, moving, transporting, reassembling the piano if necessary, and placing it in your new home in the preferred spot. It’s one thing to damage your own property- but when a service you paid for is held responsible, that’s on a whole new level. Moving a piano is a real specialty, which is why Mother Lode Moving only has piano moving experts on the job so you don’t have to worry about an inexperienced crew getting their hands on your sensitive instrument. 

Sacramento Piano Moving Cost

Want to avoid the aches, pains, and possible damages that can occur from a DIY piano move? You’re probably wondering how much it costs to hire piano movers in Sacramento. Here’s how it goes:

You’ll need to inform us of the type of piano you have, the distance it needs to travel, and how easy of access we’ll have to it in order receive a Sacramento piano movers quote. For instance, is it a grand piano, baby grand piano, or upright piano? Does it need to be moved up or down a staircase or is there access to an elevator? Specific answers to these types of questions will help the company determine how many crew members will be needed for the task and what the most accurate rate will be.

You can expect the cost of piano movers in Sacramento to be affordable and that the team showing up at your door is experienced and brings the correct equipment. You can focus on other things knowing that your piano is in good hands and will make it through the journey untouched and unharmed.

You may have asked yourself “Should I leave a tip for the piano movers? How much of a Sacramento piano movers tip should I leave?” Of course, any monetary form of gratuity is appreciated, but you are certainly not required to tip. However, those who do tip usually tip between $20 and $40 per mover.

Sacramento Piano Moving Companies

How to Choose the Best One

Entrusting every and any company without any precautions probably isn’t the key to getting the best service. But then how do you know which piano movers in Sacramento you can rely on? Like many important situations in life, doing your research beforehand is a big plus.

One of the ways you can find the best Sacramento moving company to entrust with your piano is by searching for Sacramento piano movers reviews on trusted platforms like Yelp and Google. What do people have to say about the company? Are their reviews negative or positive? Are there any complaints? You can further check to see how much experience the crew has. Also, make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. You can do this by verifying their company’s USDOT number with the Department of Transportation.

When it comes to moving your expensive instrument, it’s better safe than sorry. Hiring a company just because they offer the lowest rates doesn’t mean their service with being of high quality. Keep in mind that reliable Sacramento, CA piano moving companies will bring an experienced crew for safely and efficiently transporting pianos.

With over 65 years of experience, Mother Lode Van & Storage has successfully served over 200,000 customers. Thanks to our 45 professionally trained employees, our company maintains outstanding reviews on Google which proves our dedication to integrity, affordability, certainty, and flawless customer service.

Regardless of the type of piano you own, you can count on the trustworthy Sacramento piano movers at Mother Lode Van & Storage to get your large and heavy piano from point A to point B without any hassle, scratches, or disruption to the instrument’s internal elements. 

Even with the best piano moving services out there, keep in mind that most people get their piano tuned after a move. At Mother Lode Moving, we reduce the need for tuning as much as possible. We have over half a century of experience when it comes to moving pianos of all shapes and sizes. Our team will always be prepared with the materials, skills, and muscles necessary for a safe and stress-free move. Reach out to us today for a free moving to Sacramento, CA estimate!