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Sacramento Full Service Storage


Having access to a quality storage facility is an essential moving service in many relocations. While it might not be considered initially, there are a variety of reasons you may need extra space to house your belongings. Whether you’re downsizing, dealing with a home renovation, or have found sentimental items you aren’t ready to part with, Mother Lode Moving can help! We have state-of-the-art storage facilities that can house your belongings for the long and short term. 

We proudly provide top-notch Sacramento storage services to Sacramento County and the entire Sacramento-Roseville Folsom Metropolitan Area! We’re a full service moving and storage company with years of experience and experience; we can provide any storage service you need!

Sacramento Full Service Storage Options

Here at Mother Lode Moving, we treat your belongings with courtesy and care; our state-of-the-art facility can securely store any of your items, big or small!

Here are the types of Sacramento storage we offer:
There are endless Sacramento storage options; we’re confident you’ll find one to fit your needs!

Sacramento’s Top Moving & Storage Company

Finding a Sacramento moving and storage company you trust is a process that may take time, but it’s entirely worth it. While asking your friends and colleagues for recommendations is a good start, we also suggest doing your own research—this way, you know exactly what type of company you’re hiring! 

Google and Yelp are great resources and have all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

During your research, there are a few things to pay attention to. Here are a few surefire signs you’ve found a great Sacramento moving and storage company:
Mother Lode Moving boasts over 65 years of experience alongside a 1% claims rate. We have more than 100 positive reviews and have helped 200,000 people successfully relocate. Our 45 background-checked and trusted team members are dedicated to quality; we’re ready to provide you with the top Sacramento storage services!

Our 24/7-monitored facility is over 50,000 square feet and is military-approved! We offer long and short term storage options, and although our warehouse is closed to the public, you can access your belongings whenever you’d like—just let us know 48 hours in advance! We will have your household goods organized and ready for you.

Reasons People Store at Sacramento’s Best Full Service Storage Company

People seek Sacramento storage services at Mother Lode Moving’s storage facilities for many reasons. For starters, individuals come across many items amid a big move—items they won’t have room for in their new home but don’t want to get rid of. Sending these belonging to a storage unit is the ideal solution. While many people donate, sell, or throw away items they don’t have room for, some are expensive or have sentimental value; if that’s the case for you, housing these beloved belongings in a secure storage unit would solve your space dilemma! We can securely store expensive artwork, collectibles, wine collections, pianos, and more.

Renovations are another reason you may need Sacramento storage; things can get hectic, messy, and cramped during a reno. And having a safe, secure place to put your valuable items can be a lifesaver. Sacramento storage services are customizable, meaning you can keep your items for the short term (three months or less) or long term (longer than three months.) Another instance you can utilize a professional Sacramento moving and storage company’s resources is if your new home isn’t quite ready for you. Sometimes (especially with custom-built homes), you must leave your current address before your new home is ready for move-in. If you find yourself in this predicament, you’ll need to find a secure place to host your items in the meantime. 

If any of these instances sound applicable to you, Sacramento storage will likely prove very useful to you!

Since we’re a full service Sacramento moving and storage company, we can pack your items before relocating them to our warehouse. However, we understand some people prefer packing their belongings themselves—this is entirely fine—but we do have a few tips to ensure secure and organized storage. 
We don’t just ensure your personal belongings have a safe place to live; we like to help our fellow business owners out as well. We provide business storage, meaning your office furniture, files, computers, FF&E goods, and others have a spot in our warehouse!
Mother Lode Moving has provided secure Sacramento storage services to all of Sacramento County and the entire Sacramento-Roseville Folsom Metropolitan Area for over 65 years; our premier storage facility is the ideal place to house your beloved belongings! If you’ve decided Sacramento storage will be helpful to utilize for an upcoming move, contact us at 916-631-4285 for a free quote!