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Ling Distance Movers in Sacramento

When the time comes for you to move on from your time spent in Northern California, make sure that you hire long distance movers in Sacramento that you can trust to handle your belongings with the care they deserve. Mother Lode Van & Storage is a BBB-Accredited Business handling moves of all sizes from the Sacramento, Roseville and Davis areas since 1956.

No matter if it’s commercial and industrial moving or suburban home moving, we will deliver the highest service. Our professional movers have won many awards recognizing our quality service – so you can count on your items being in good hands during the journey to their new home.

State-to-State Movers in Sacramento

Founded in 1956, Mother Lode is one of the most established long distance moving companies in Sacramento. We can get your things safely wherever they need to go. We leverage 24/7 online tracking so you can keep tabs of your belongings throughout their long-distance move, and with over 500 agents nationwide we can guarantee superior service coast-to-coast.

Our movers know that each move is different which is why we create custom moving plans specific to your individual cross country moving needs. At Mother Lode Van & Storage we start off every long distance move by sending one of our professional movers to your home to take inventory of your items and provide you with a written estimate of moving costs. This price won’t change as long as you don’t change the items included in your estimate. When you move with Mother Lode Van & Storage, you can count on a full-service moving experience.

Sacramento’s Best Long Distance Movers

out of state movers in sacramento

If you need flexibility during the quote process, we even offer different ways to figure out your state-to-state moving cost. We also offer worldwide moving services in nearly every country around the globe. Ask about all of our other long distance relocation services!

This is just a selection of the moving services we offer:

Our moving specialists are waiting to answer your questions about your next move. When you call, a specialist will help you decide what long-distance moving services you require and tailor a free out of state moving quote to your needs.

Long Distance Moving Tips for Moving to a New State

long distance moving tips tricks

If you’re looking for how to move out of state, you’ve come to the right place! The long-distance moving experts at Mother Lode Van & Storage have over six decades of experience on their side.

Since our start in 1956, we’ve come to learn some of the best steps to moving out of state. We realize that some state to state moving companies keep this information to themselves, but we want you to understand the best way to move long distance.

So here it is, a down and dirty checklist for how to plan a move to another state:

  1. Get a Feel for Your New City and Home – What good is moving to a city if you have no idea what to expect once you get there?!
  2. Evaluate the School Districts – There’s bound to be plenty of options to choose from. Set some time aside to find an institution that works with your schedule.
  3. Create a Monthly Budget – This will help keep you from overspending and give you an overall idea of how much you can save. Make sure you take into account subscriptions, utilities, parking, gas, food, entertainment and taxes.
  4. Find Your Dream Home – Similar to our first point, you don’t want to finish your state to state move only to be disappointed in your new dwelling. Research open market listings and find a place that you can call home.
  5. Investigate Movers in the Area – Finding long-distance moving companies to simplify your move is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Make sure the company you choose employs long-distance moving experts and has a proven track record of moving to a new state.
  6. Devise a Plan to Pack What You Can – If you’re looking to save some money on moving day, packing some items on your own is the way to go! Consider organizing easy-to-move materials like electronics, clothes and documents.
  7. Schedule and Transfer Your Utilities – Don’t get caught up in a pay trap. Make sure you contact your local utilities provider and update them on your state to state moving situation.
  8. Update Your Mailing Address – Same as the above point, you don’t want to miss out on important correspondence or bills when moving to another state.
  9. Share Your Good News – This is a big deal! Let your friends and family know how they can stay in touch with you once you get settled in.
  10. Declare Yourself as a Permanent Resident – Part of moving out of state means joining a new community. Be sure to check your domicile status. You may want to file to become registered your new jurisdiction
  11. New State IDs – Part of state-to-state moving is updating information. Check with the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to learn what you’ll need. If you’re driving, having an updated license provided by the state is a must.
  12. License Your Pet – Just like when you have to apply for new forms of identification, so too does your furry companion. Each state has different laws about pet ownership, but a general rule of thumb is validating that your pet is current with shots and registered under your name. This is a fairly quick and cheap process, normally not more than $50, that can also improve your chances of reuniting with your pet in the event they get lost.

Long-Distance Moving With Mother Lode

See our professional long distance movers in action!

Free Phone Estimate

When you call, you can schedule a date for a phone inventory of your home. This is the easiest way to get a quote, but it is also the least accurate. Best for those with busy schedules and small moves.

Free In-Home Estimate

Getting an in-home estimate means a moving specialist will come to your home and take a full inventory of your belongings. This quote is accurate and is great for those needing to move a lot of things.

Long Distance-Moving Services Sacramento

Professional Moving Services

Other long-distance moving companies might say they know the best way to move out of state, but can they actually prove this? At Mother Lode Van & Storage we’ve been relocating Californians down the street, across the country and around the world since 1956 with our 500 agents nationwide!

With over six decades of experience on our side, we can confidently provide you with proven tips on moving to another state and a seamless state-to-state move.

Our long-distance movers are committed to your satisfaction. It just one of the reasons why we go to such great lengths when it comes to preparing, organizing, packing, transporting and unloading your belongings.

Delivering a stress-free state-to-state move is what we do. So what are you waiting for? Let our professional long distance movers do the heavy lifting for you!

Sacramento Long-Distance Moving and Storage

storage for long distance movers

We understand that moving from one state to another brings with it a specific set of challenges. No two moves are exactly the same, which is why the experts at Mother Lode Van & Storage take the necessary time to plot out a course of action.

Even with the best laid plans, people moving from state to state may need some extra space for their items after they settle in.

That’s another area where our Sacramento long-distance moving company can help.

Whether you need a week or a year, Mother Lode’s secure warehouse storage facility is available for short- and long-term storage. No matter what you may need kept safe, we can find the space and packing supplies to accommodate.

Our facility boasts substantial equipment and ample room suitable for your long distance moving and storage needs. Whether it’s an old set of golf clubs, or a one-of-a-kind painting, you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe and secure.

Mother Lode Van & Storage’s warehouse facility is climate-controlled and video surveilled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We comply with all government-mandated regulations to ensure that your items will be returned in the same condition as you left them.

Upon arriving at our warehouse storage facility, your items will be inventoried, sorted and stored accordingly. Retrieving your items is as simple as a call to one of our friendly storage warehouse staff.

Come pick-up day, we’ll have your belongings pulled and ready for receiving or delivery.

Moving from State to State – Free Long-Distance Moving Estimate

Hiring the right state-to-state movers in Sacramento isn’t just about getting the strongest guys in town. You need the licensed & insured company with all the right experience and equipment to perform your move safely and efficiently. Mother Lode Van & Storage has moved the previous Governor of California, Jerry Brown, three times and has performed numerous complex residential, commercial and government moves in the greater Sacramento metro area.

Sacramento Movers moving the Governor of California

Contact Mother Lode Van & Storage’s professional long-distance movers today to learn more about the long distance moving services we provide throughout the Sacramento area – we look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions about moving across the country, just call us at (916) 631-4285. You can also fill out our free online moving estimate for a quote on your upcoming interstate move.