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Paying Utilities in Stockton

Stockton Utilities Guide 💡 | City of Stockton Water, PG&E Gas & Power, Internet Providers & More

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2023, 12:54 pm

Before moving to Stockton, CA, you’ll likely want to estimate your monthly bills. Utilities are a major expense and can vary significantly depending on where you previously lived. In addition to calculating the costs, you’ll also want to know the major service companies in the area and how to get utilities turned on so you’re ready when the big day comes.

But doing all that research on your own takes time and energy you may not have if you’re busy planning your relocation. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to Stockton utilities, including who to contact, how to set up services and pay your bill, and the average monthly costs to expect.

PG&E electric towers

Stockton Electric | PG&E

PG&E is the company to contact to set up your Stockton electricity. Short for Pacific Gas & Electric, PG&E supplies natural gas and electricity to 2/3rds of California, including over 5 million households. The company has been operating since 1905 and is one of the largest utility companies in the western United States. Their website has plenty of useful tools and resources to help you create an account, report an outage, pay your bill, and learn more about your Stockton electric bill.

How to Contact PG&E

If you need to get in touch with PG&E about your Stockton power bill or to request turn-on service, you can contact their residential customer service center at 1-877-660-6789. Live representatives are available from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday or 8 am to 5 pm Saturday. If you want to contact them via mail by sending correspondence to this address:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

P.O. Box 997300

Sacramento, CA 95899-7300

Self-service options are also available on their website.

Important Contact Info for PG&E

  • Phone number: 1-877-660-6789
  • Address: PG&E Stockton Office, 4040 West Ln, Stockton, CA 95204
  • Website:

How to Open an Account with PG&E

PG&E makes setting up electricity in Stockton simple with an online registration system for starting, stopping, or transferring your service or paying your bill.

To start service, visit their homepage and select start or stop service. Select “New to PG&E” unless you already have an account with them. As a new customer, it will ask you for your name and identification. It will also ask you for your new address and allow you to schedule your turn on service within the next 60 days. 

You will then select your electric rate plan and provide your contact information. Finally, double-check that the information is correct and click submit. You should receive an email with your new account info, and your service will begin on the date you selected.

How to Pay Your Stockton Electric Bill

There are a few different ways you can pay your Stockton electricity bill.

Set up Autopay: Sign into your account and set up recurring billing, so your account is automatically debited monthly. You can either provide your bank account information or pay by credit or debit card. Cards are assessed a $1 to $1.35 convenience fee and must be Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Pay Online: You can also log in to your account and pay the bill manually each month or pay with one-time access without setting up an account. Convenience fees are still assessed on credit and debit cards.

Pay by Phone: Call their customer support line at 1-877-704-8470 with your 11-digit account number in front of you. All transactions made over the phone are assessed a $1 – $1.35 convenience fee.

Pay by mail or in-Person: Write a check payable to PG&E and mail it to PG&E P.O. Box 997300 Sacramento, CA 95899-7300 or find an authorized payment center near you and drop it off in person.

Average Monthly Cost of a Stockton Electric Bill

The exact cost of your monthly Stockton electric bill will vary depending on how much energy you consume and the size of your home and family. But the average electric bill for Stockton residents is around $264.57 per month. PG&E also offers an online tool to look at your usage data and determine the average monthly bill for your household every year.

Stockton Gas | PG&E

PG&E also handled the natural gas in Stockton. So if you have gas-powered appliances, you’ll contact PG&E to set up service. The process for setting up your Stockton gas service will be similar to setting up the electricity.

How to Contact PG&E

From Monday through Saturday, you can contact PG&E by calling their residential customer service line at 1-877-660-6789. If you need to report a gas leak, first call 911, then call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.

How to Open an Account with PG&E

You can open an account to view and pay your gas bill the same way you set up the electricity. Go to start service and select “New to PG&E”. Input your information and schedule a start date within 60 days. Select your energy plan, then review all the information and submit your request.

How to Pay Your Stockton Gas Bill

You can view your monthly Stockton gas bill by logging into your account online. Input your bank account information or credit or debit card number and choose auto-pay or make a one-time payment. You can also pay by phone, mail, or in-person by following the instructions above.

Average Monthly Cost of a Stockton Gas Bill

Similar to electricity, your average Stockton gas bill will vary depending on usage. But most Stockton residents who use natural gas pay about $43.70 per month, which is a total of $308.27 when added to the average Stockton electric bill.

Stockton Water

Stockton Water | City of Stockton Water

Water is a public utility in Stockton, which means the local government is responsible for supplying water to residents. So you’ll need to get in touch with the city of Stockton to learn more about their utility program. The Municipal Utilities Department is responsible for administering water services to nearly 49,000 residences and businesses in Stockton. 

How to Contact City of Stockton

The city of Stockton has several phone numbers you can call depending on what type of public service you need. You can contact their utility billing customer service department at (209) 937-8295 for inquiries regarding your bill. You can call them 24/7 to speak to an automated messaging system about payments, billing, and service requests. You can find additional phone numbers on their contact page if you need to report an emergency or contact other departments within the MUD.

Important Contact Info for the City of Stockton 

Phone Number: (209) 937-8295

Address: 425 N. El Dorado Street, 1st Floor Stockton, CA 95202


How to Open an Account with the City of Stockton

The city of Stockton has an online system where you can easily view your Stockton water bill each month. Here’s how to sign up:

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to view your bill online and submit payment.

How to Pay Your Stockton Water Bill

Once your account is set up, you can pay your bill online each month by doing the following:

  • Sign into your account at Click2Gov
  • Click “Account Information” then “Manage Billing” and enter your email

Each month you’ll receive a statement sent to your email with a due date and how much you owe. You can then return to Click2Gov to view your bill and authorize the payment with Visa MasterCard or debit card (electronic payments are not refundable).

Average Monthly Cost of a Stockton Water Bill

The City of Stockton sets water rates based on the size of the meter and the type of building (single-family, multi-family, or commercial). You can view the rate breakdown on their website. You can also use their water fee estimator to approximate what you can expect to pay.

Garbage Pickup

Stockton Trash and Recycling | Waste Management

Waste Management (W.M.) handles trash and recycling in Stockton. You can contact their Stockton branch at (800) 369-4999 or email [email protected]. Their standard hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can create an account online to request service, pay your bill, access pickup and holiday schedules, enroll in auto pay and set up notification preferences. When you’re ready to pay your bill, you can login and authorize payment. If you need additional assistance, they have several support options available. Your Stockton garbage and recycling bill will vary depending on the size of can you need and range from $23.17 for a 20-gallon can to $88.91 for a 96-gallon can.

Stockton Internet Providers

While setting up utilities, you’ll likely want to look for cable and internet providers. Here are some of the top service providers in Stockton.


Phone: (209)-478-8899

Address: 5756 Pacific Ave Ste 94, Stockton, CA 95207

Xfinity by Comcast 

Phone: (800) 934-6489

Address: 5756 Pacific AveSte #5 Stockton, CA 95207

T-Mobile Home Internet

Phone: (209) 956-2874

Address: 2829 W March Ln Suite C6, Stockton, CA 95219

Contact each provider for rates and instructions on requesting service and paying your bill. Your Stockton internet bill will vary depending on the service provider speed and bandwidth you need but budget for about $50 to $100 per month. 

Ready to make the move to Stockton, California? Mother Lode Moving is here to make your transition smooth and simple. Call us today at 916-631-4285 or fill out the form on our website to request a quote.




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