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sacramento to las vegas interstate movers

Moving from Sacramento to Las Vegas | 🃏🥇 Top Sacramento to Las Vegas Movers

Last Updated on: 5th August 2023, 10:32 pm

Have you lived in Sacramento, CA your whole life and decided you want to change it up? Has your job relocated you to Las Vegas, NV? Or, maybe you’ve recently met someone and want to start a new life together in Las Vegas. Whatever your reason for moving, you want to ensure you’re en route to an exciting new chapter. With that being said, moving (no matter how near or far) can bring you a mix of emotions, including excitement, scared, and nervousness. 

More so, if you’re about to do this long-distance move, you want to find a long distance moving company that you can ensure will do an amazing job with taking care of everything from furniture to clothes to antiques. Trust us, we get it. If you’re moving from Sacramento to Las Vegas, then here are some tips you need to know to ensure a safe and efficient interstate move!

What Moving to Las Vegas is Like 

moving to las vegas from sacramento

Las Vegas, AKA “Sin City,” is known for the Vegas strip and downtown Las Vegas, which contains world-class entertainment, amazing casinos, wild nightlife, and delicious food…along with so many other attractions. However, although Las Vegas is famous for this lifestyle, the city also has a less-popular Art District and tons of nearby suburbs and neighborhoods

Las Vegas is settled in Clark County in a basin on the floor of the Mojave Desert. Vegas is surrounded by Nevada’s mountain ranges and desert vegetation and wildlife. The city’s landscape is also dry and rocky. Las Vegas weather year-round is fairly warm, with summer months reaching 100 degrees Farhenheit and winters not below 60 degrees on average. 

Moving to Las Vegas means that you’ll be a part of the Las Vegas population of 646,790 residents. It’s also important to be aware of the median household income in Las Vegas, which is $58,377. The average cost of a home in Las Vegas is $420,000, and the average rent is $1,506 a month, according to Rentcafe

Moving from Sacramento to Las Vegas- What You Need to Know 

Lifestyle in Sacramento versus Las Vegas

Moving from Sacramento to Las Vegas may take some getting used to, as they’re different regarding what they’re known for. In Sacramento, you’re getting a lot of history, dating to 1839 and including the Gold Rush era. There are also many museums, but one in particular that stands out is the California State Railroad Museum, which shows the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Life in Las Vegas doesn’t boast the same history, but some may say there’s more of a vibrant lifestyle, as it was first famously known for its casinos. Although both Sacramento and Las Vegas had their share of the Old West, Vegas developed a more promiscuous reputation that turned into the hustle and bustle of the touristy city it is today.

Other comparisons worth noting:

  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Sacramento overall is 121.6 versus Las Vegas, which is 111. This shows that Las Vegas is 8.7% cheaper than Sacramento.
  • Crime rate: When it comes to the crime rate in Las Vegas, although violent crime may be slightly higher in percentage than in Sacramento, it has a lower property crime rate than Sacramento. Property crime in Las Vegas is 43.4, while Sacramento is 46.9 out of 100.
  • Median home price: The median home cost in Las Vegas is 23% cheaper than in Sacramento. 
  • Sports: Sacramento’s most famous major league team is the NBA Team, Sacramento Kings. Las Vegas’s most famous team is their NFL Team, Las Vegas Raiders. They also have an NHL team and a WNBA team.
  • Education: Sacramento had only 0.4% more residents graduate high school. However, it is more inexpensive in Las Vegas to go to school.

Sacramento to Las Vegas Movers

When you are ready to make the leap and take on the interstate move from Sacramento to Las Vegas, you will want to use professional long distance movers to help you.  It’s a long, cross country move, so you want to ensure who you pick is trusted and will help meet your needs!

There are certain qualities you should look for when choosing the best out of state moving companies. For starters, a professional mover can help coordinate the entire move process. This can be done by a Move Coordinator. Once you’ve mapped out the plan of where you want to move to, the company can then proceed to help you without parts of the process, such as helping to retrieve moving boxes and proper packing materials as well as then professionally packing all of your belongings that you’re taking over. Next, the movers taking your stuff to Las Vegas will load all of your furniture, belongings, and whatever else onto their truck, only to drive and deliver it to you. 

If you’re not ready for the furniture or belongings when you arrive in Las Vegas, don’t fret! The moving company can store it away at your destination until you’re ready for it. Once you’re ready, the movers will help unload it all from the moving truck. Depending on the service or company, some businesses can help unpack your boxes, assemble your furniture if needed, and then arrange everything. They can even move appliances if necessary. 

Other reasons to use a professional mover to travel from Sacramento to Las Vegas:

  • You’ll save time with packing, unpacking, and moving altogether
  • Professional movers have the professional equipment to help you move even the biggest and heaviest pieces of furniture.
  • Experience movers mean you can trust them to handle your items with care
  • You’re going to feel as if all of your belongings are safe, giving you peace of mind and have you less stressed.

Why Mother Lode Van & Storage is Your Best Sacramento to Las Vegas Moving Company Choice

moving state to state

When selecting the best Sacramento to Las Vegas mover, some of the first things you want to do is check out the reviews. Checking out reviews on sites like Yelp and Google helps to see their customer service, professionalism, etc.

It’s also important to look at statistics about these moving companies because it means you can trust more of what they do. For example, see how long they’ve been in business, the number of moves, the claim rate, etc.  Our company, for instance, has been in business for 65 years with our number of moves over 200,000. We also have a 1% claim rate with 45 specially trained employees, so you know we’re trustworthy and reputable. 

Along with wanting to ensure the moving company is licensed and insured, you should learn how they handle moving. Do they use the proper equipment for moving safely and without damage? Are their trucks new or old? You want to feel comfortable in who you choose. 

Sacramento to Las Vegas Moving Cost

The cost of moving varies depending on the unique details surrounding your move. Make sure to ask for estimates of the move’s total price from Sacramento to Las Vegas so you can budget properly. Luckily for you, moving state to state is more affordable than you think. 

Although there may not be an exact way to calculate the price, there are certain factors to consider. 

  • How far Sacramento is from Las Vegas
  • The total weight of all of your belongings
  • Time of move. Are you leaving on a weekend? Is it peak season for the company?
  • Additional services you may need. Will they help you pack and unpack, or assemble any furniture?
  • Do you require storage in Las Vegas before you can move everything in?

Sacramento to Las Vegas Distances & Travel Information 

Now that you’ve established an affordable long distance moving company, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to get from Sacramento to Las Vegas. It’s a long-distance move, so there are several ways to bring yourselves to the other state (that’s not by your own car).

Flying from Sacramento to Las Vegas

Thankfully, there’s an airport in Sacramento that goes to Las Vegas. The most popular airlines that go to and from are Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest

A nonstop flight from Sacramento to Las Vegas is about an hour and a half. The flights can be as little as under $100 or as expensive as over $300. 

Traveling from Sacramento to Las Vegas by train 

The Amtrack leaves from Sacramento and will either go directly to Las Vegas or make a stop or two beforehand. A nonstop train can get you from Sacramento to Las Vegas in about 11 hours and 40 minutes. However, it’s important to note that the Amtrack takes you to a bus stop in Las Vegas.

Although moving to another city, especially long-distance, may seem scary, it doesn’t have to be. We want to make your move from Sacramento to Las Vegas as smooth and easy as possible without any more fear. Let’s start making your Las Vegas dream a reality – we know how to move you to another state. Call our Sacramento long distance movers today for a free estimate!


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