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Sacramento Cost of Living [2024] | Is Sacramento Affordable? 💰 [Data]

Last Updated on: 8th August 2023, 08:27 pm

Considering living in Central California? The Sacramento area is one of the most affordable places to live in California, a state notorious for its high living costs. The cost of living is one of the biggest factors you’re probably considering ahead of your move. How much does it cost to live in Sacramento, is it expensive? Here’s everything you should know about the cost of living in Sacramento including average rent, housing costs, grocery prices, and average salary.

Sacramento Cost of Living Index

How much do you need to earn to live in Sacramento? One way to answer this question is by looking at the cost of living index in Sacramento which is 117.9. That means it’s 17.9% more expensive in Sacramento than the national average. The biggest factor that affects the cost of living in Sacramento is housing costs which are 32.7% higher than the national average and transportation which is 38.7% more expensive.

By comparison, Sacramento utilities are close to average. The cost of electricity in Sacramento is just $118 per month with one of the lowest rates in California. Healthcare is about 14% higher than the U.S. average. The average cost of groceries in Sacramento is 20% higher than average.

You can also better understand how much you need to earn to live in Sacramento by looking at consumer expenditures in Sacramento. Compared to the U.S. as a whole, people in Sacramento spend more on housing, food, and insurance but less on healthcare. Over the last year, prices paid by consumers in Sacramento have gone down significantly for both food and energy.

Cost of Groceries, Food, Gas & Household Items in Sacramento

The cost of living index for Sacramento is helpful but you may find it more useful to have actual dollar figures to compare to your current cost of living. To get a better understanding of the cost of living in Sacramento, here’s a look at the cost of groceries and other living expenses in Sacramento and other common items like gasoline.

  • Ribeye steak, 1 lb: $13.01
  • Whole Milk, 1/2 gallon: $2.40
  • 1 dozen, grade A eggs: $2.91
  • 5 lb bag of potatoes: $2.78
  • Wheat bread, 1 loaf: $4.37
  • Heineken’s 6 pack beer: $9.77
  • 1st run movie ticket: $12.37
  • McDonald’s 1/4 pounder burger: $5.06
  • Average cell phone bill: $182.45
  • Average cost of gasoline per gallon: $3.62
  • Average cost of utilities per month: $175.42

Sacramento Real Estate Market

When assessing the cost of living in Sacramento, one of the biggest factors that makes Sacramento a fairly expensive place to live is the cost of housing. Sacramento has a homeownership rate of just 49% compared to the national average of 64%.

The Sacramento real estate market is very competitive with homes going pending in 11 days on average. The average home price in Sacramento is $373,000 or $250 per square foot. One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Sacramento is the Fabulous 40s in East Sacramento, an area with an average home price of $583,000. Fair Oaks, an unincorporated area just outside the city limits, is another high-cost neighborhood with many homes priced at $5 million or more.

Average Rent in Sacramento

How much does it cost to live in Sacramento as a renter? The average Sacramento rent $1,598, according to RentJungle. That’s up almost 7% from last year when average rent was under $1,487. For a 2-bedroom apartment in Sacramento, you can expect to pay around $1,700.

The average apartment rent in Sacramento depends on the area of the city. The most expensive neighborhoods in Sacramento for renters are downtown, Creekside, and Campus Commons where rent is about $2,150. The most affordable places to live in Sacramento are Boulevard Park, Valley High North Laguna, and Robla where rent is less than $1,400.

Average Salary & Household Income in Sacramento

How much do I need to earn to live in Sacramento? One of the best ways to answer this is to look at the average income in Sacramento. The average salary in Sacramento is $71,000 with an average hourly wage of $19.59.

Here’s what you can expect to earn in Sacramento in common careers:

  • Project manager: $80k
  • Software engineer: $64k
  • Human resources manager: $73k
  • Registered nurse: $50/hour
  • Medical assistant: $17/hour

The average household income in Sacramento is $79,500 with a median household income of $58,500. Median income means half the population earns more than $58,500 and half the population earns less.

Income, Sales & Property Taxes in Sacramento

An often overlooked element when considering the cost of living in Sacramento is taxes. California has among the highest taxes in the United States which increases the cost of owning a home and reduces your net income. Here’s what you can expect to pay while living in Sacramento.

California Income Tax Rate

California has the highest top income tax rate in the country of 12.3% which applies to income over $590.742. Income over $1 million also faces an additional 1% surcharge for a maximum income tax rate in California of 13.3%. The lowest income tax bracket is 1%.

Sacramento Sales Tax

California sales tax ranges from 7.25% to 10.5%, among the highest in the nation. Sales tax in Sacramento is 8.75%. That includes the state, county, and city sales taxes.

Sacramento Property Tax Rate

While California is known for its high taxes, the state usually has lower-than-average property taxes. The Sacramento property tax rate is, on average, 0.68% of the property’s appraised value.

Sacramento vs San Francisco Cost of Living

Trying to choose between Sacramento and San Francisco? You’ll find the Sacramento cost of living is extremely low compared to the Bay area! You would need $8,236 in San Francisco for the same quality of life you would get in Sacramento for $5,100!

Here’s how the San Francisco versus Sacramento cost of living breaks down:

  • Rent in San Francisco is 143% higher than Sacramento
  • Restaurant prices are 26% higher in San Francisco
  • Groceries are 17% higher in San Francisco
  • Consumer prices are 17% higher in San Francisco

Does Sacramento sound like the ideal place to live? While it’s more expensive than many cities in the U.S., it’s hard to beat the affordable California lifestyle Sacramento has to offer, especially compared to Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you’ve settled on relocating to Sacramento, call the award-winning Sacramento movers at Mother Lode Van & Storage today for a free moving estimate!


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