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Moving to Vallejo?🎢 | What It’s Like Living in Vallejo CA

Moving to Vallejo?🎢 | What It’s Like Living in Vallejo CA

Last Updated on: 1st December 2023, 01:04 pm

Living in Vallejo is great! It’s a Solano County city in the North Bay region. Vallejo is known for its abundant attractions, culture, and activities! The city has theme parks like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and notable museums like the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum. Founded by John B. Frisbie in 1851 and incorporated in 1868, Vallejo, CA, is named after Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a Mexico Republic solider.

Before the city of Vallejo was Mexican or American land, the Coastal Miwok, Suisunes, and other Patwin Native American tribes inhabited it. Vallejo remained small until the Mare Island Naval Shipyard was established, which changed the trajectory of this city and its economy forever.

Vallejo is a great place to live; there are plenty of attractions and things to do, the community is tight-knit, the neighborhoods are safe, and the demographics are diverse.

Where Is Vallejo Calif?

Vallejo is located in Solano County in the Bay Area’s North Bay region; the city is part of the Vallejo-Fairfield metropolitan area and sits on the Northeast shore of San Pablo Bay. American Canyon and Benicia border Vallejo, San Francisco. Vallejo is 31.9 miles from San Francisco.

Vallejo Statistics & Information

  • County: Solano County
  • Vallejo area: 48.78 square miles
  • Vallejo zip code: 94589, 94590, 94591, 94592
  • Vallejo area code: 707
  • Vallejo elevation: 69 feet
  • Vallejo time zone: Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
  • Closest airport to Vallejo: The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 44.1 miles from Vallejo

Vallejo Population & Demographics

The population of Vallejo, California, is 126,090; it’s seen a 2% population decrease since 2010 but remains the largest county in Solano County and the second-largest city in the North Bay Region.

Additional Vallejo demographics: 

  • Median age: 41.4 years old
  • Vallejo median income: $78,243 (US $69,021)
  • Sex ratio: 51 females to 49 males
  • Veteran population: 6%
  • Educational attainment: 85% have high school diplomas, and 27.8% have bachelor’s degrees or higher

Vallejo has a diverse racial and ethnic makeup: 31.9% White (23.5% White non-Hispanic or Latino), 28.8% Hispanic or Latino, 23.3% Asian, 17.9% Black or African American, 10.4% two or more races, 0.9% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 0.9% Native American and Alaska Native. Vallejo has a foreign-born population of 31.5% (20% than the rate in California)

Vallejo’s age demographics are 48% under the age of 40, and 47% over the age of 40 (5% are between the ages of 39 and 40). The city appeals to just about anyone and accommodates various wants and needs!

Although the population has decreased since 2022, 10.3% of the people living in Vallejo moved here in the past year. Even famous people have called Vallejo home—April Bowlby, Raymond Burr, and Rick Jay Glen (to name a few.)

Vallejo Transportation

Vallejo boasts proximity to many major roads and freeways. Interstate 80 runs North/South through Vallejo thanks to the Carquinez Bridge. Route 37 enters from the west and Interstate 780 from the east. People living in Vallejo utilize Route 29 (Sonoma Blvd.) to travel north toward Napa.

While driving is the most efficient way to get around Vallejo, SolTrans provides public bus transportation to people living in Vallejo, Benicia, and Fairfield. SolTrans provides Fixed Route and ADA Paratransit public transportation to almost anywhere within the region. You can browse the routes and schedules online!

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) serves Vallejo, which is 44.1 miles from the city. SFO is one of the busiest airports on the West Coast; they see 127,000 passengers daily and are served by 48 airlines! SFO is the fifth-largest airport in the US. 

Cost of Living in Vallejo CA

Vallejo has a Cost of Living Index (COLI) of 134.4, which is 34.4% higher than the US average. The most significant expense is housing, which is 71.2% higher than the US average; utilities are 0.6% below the US average.

Typical Vallejo living expenses:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: $30.00
  • Pint of domestic beer: $7.00
  • Gallon of milk: $5.31
  • Loaf of white bread: $4.17
  • Dozen eggs: $5.50
  • Pound of local cheese: $8.17
  • Average Vallejo utilities per month: $414 (per Doxo)

Source: Numbeo

Vallejo Taxes

After moving to Vallejo, you will be expected to pay taxes. Solano County, California, has one of the highest median property taxes in the country. The median property tax is $2,700 annually for a home worth $389,800. If you pay the median price for your Vallejo home ($550,00), you’ll pay $5,115 in property taxes. Solano County is collecting 0.69% on the properties’ assessed market value.

The minimum combined Vallejo sales tax rate is 9.26%. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • California State: 6%
  • Solano County: 0.25%
  • Vallejo City: 1.88%
  • Solano Co Local Tax Sl: 1%
  • Solano County District Tax Sp: 0.13%

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a family of four in Solano, CO, CA, could live comfortably on a household income of $98,715. The EPI also says you can expect to spend $19,404 on housing annually.

In addition to your taxes and typical living expenses, your housing plays a significant role in your cost of living.

Vallejo Real Estate | Average Rent & Home Prices

The median home price in Vallejo, CA, is $550,000, and the average price per square foot is $357. The median sale price is up 4.4% since 2022, and the price per square foot has decreased 2.1% since last year. The median price of US homes is $431,000, which is significantly lower than Vallejo’s $550,000, but according to Forbes, the CAR Forecasts predicts there should be a decrease in home prices across California.

The housing market in Vallejo is very competitive, so if you see any homes for sale in Vallejo, CA, you’re interested in, you may want to act fast. Homes sell within an average of 32 days! The rental market is as tough as the Vallejo, CA, real estate market. The average rent in Vallejo, CA, is $2,097 for an 855-square-foot rental, and in highly desirable neighborhoods like Elmira or Allendale, rent can go as high as $2,881.

Although both options are pricier, a recent study showed that renting in Vallejo is more affordable than buying.

Vallejo Neighborhoods

Here are the best neighborhoods in Vallejo!

Downtown Vallejo | Urban Vallejo Neighborhood

Downtown Vallejo is ideal for the younger person (or couple) who wants proximity to major highways and a lively downtown life. Vallejo’s downtown area hosts an array of events weekly, so there’s always something new to do when you live here! Homes are rarely for sale here, so a condo or apartment rental will likely be your best option. But overall, the market is extremely competitive—there is currently a 0.33-acre lot listed for nearly $400,000.

South Vallejo | Affordable Community

South Vallejo has a handful of affordable homes listed. Prices range from low $300,000s to low $600,000s and are typically 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. South Vallejo is conveniently located off Interstate 80, making it an ideal neighborhood for commuters. If you’re looking for an affordable Vallejo neighborhood, consider South Vallejo.

Harry Floyd Terrace | Family-Friendly Vallejo Neighborhood

For any family that’s house-hunting, convenience is likely a top priority, and Harry Floyd Terrace provides just that! Not only is this safe neighborhood just minutes from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but Dan Foley Park and Richardson Park are both a few miles away!

If this neighborhood sounds like a good fit for your family, you should start browsing Harry Floyd Terrace homes for sale.

Vallejo CA Weather & Climate

The Vallejo climate is typical of northern California. The summers are long, dry, and warm, and the winters are short, damp, and cloudy. Vallejo has a Koppen classification of mild Mediterranean climate, and the weather is enjoyable year-round. The temperature in Vallejo, CA, ranges from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit but rarely dips below 32 or above 90.

During the warm season (June to mid-October), the average high is 75 degrees Fahrenheit; during the cold season (November to February), the average low is 41 degrees. The hottest month of the year is July, and the coldest month of the year is January. There are 21 freezing days a year in Vallejo and 30 hot days.

Vallejo sees an average annual rainfall of 21 inches and an average annual snowfall of 0 inches; it rarely snows in Vallejo. The temp in Vallejo, CA, is enjoyable most of the year, but the best time to visit it is late June to mid-September; you can enjoy the warm weather activities and California sun before any cold fronts!

Vallejo Restaurants

Vallejo has countless dining options in varying food categories. Whether you’re craving diner food or something a little healthier, Vallejo has options. Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Vallejo, CA!

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner offers a casual setting to grab a tasty bite to eat. Enjoy American favorites like omelets, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes.

980 Admiral Callaghan Ln, Vallejo, CA 94591, (707) 552-1300

Mare Island Brewing Co. – Ferry Taproom

If you’re looking for fine dining in Vallejo, CA, Mare Island Brew Co. is the place to eat. Enjoy craft beers and delicious menu items like their fried Korean sandwich!

289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo, CA 94590, (707) 556-3000

Good Day Cafe

Good Day Cafe is a great option if you’re looking for a relaxed environment with delicious food. Per their reviews, the atmosphere is top-notch, and the cornbread is supposed to be decadent.

314 Georgia St, Vallejo, CA 94590, (707) 557-4745

Things to Do in Vallejo

Here are a few of the best things to do in Vallejo, CA

Top Vallejo Attractions

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Have a fun-filled day at the top attraction in Vallejo. Six Flags boasts countless roller coasters, rides, and wildlife attractions; some consider it the best California amusement park!

  • Shark Experience: Get up close and personal with the Sharks of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in the amusement park’s aquarium.
  • Odin’s Temple of the Tiger: If you need a thrilling experience, watch Odin dance on stage with multiple tigers.
  • Children’s Wonderland Park: This is a must-do activity with your children. They’ll love the wooden structures and toy cars.

Vallejo Museums, Entertainment, & Arts

  • Navy Museum: Stop by this historical landmark in Vallejo, Calif. It’s located in the U.S. Naval Base at Mare Island and is a must-do activity!
  • Empress Theatre: If you’re an art buff who enjoys a live show or old movie, visit the Empress Theatre

Vallejo Parks & Outdoors

  • Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve: Enjoy views of Carquinez Bay and beautiful landscaping at Shoreline Heritage Preserve—one of the best parks in Vallejo.
  • Blue Rock Springs Park: Have a wholesome day hanging at Blue Rock Springs; this is a great activity for children too young for roller coasts (or lion shows.)
  • Dan Foley Park: Utilize the town’s community and other recreational fields at Dan Foley Park. You can fish, barbeque, bring your pup, or play on the playground!

Shopping in Vallejo CA

  • B & B Floral: Stop by to smell the roses at one of the most popular flower shops in Vallejo, CA, B & B Floral. Whether you’re looking for a bouquet for a special someone or flowers for an event, they’ve got you covered.
  • Gateway Plaza: Get your shopping in at Gateway Plaza, a notable shopping call in Vallejo, CA. This is your one-stop shop; you can get your retail therapy in, catch a movie, and enjoy a nice meal all in one place!
  • Eco Thrift Vallejo: If you’re a vintage-lover, Eco Thrift is one of the best thrift shops in Vallejo.

Map of Things to Do in Vallejo

Check out this map of what to do in Vallejo!

Sports in Vallejo

If none of the above attractions interest you, maybe a sports event sounds like more fun. Vallejo has a longstanding history with baseball; the Chiefs were a professional baseball team in the 1940s, and now the city hosts the Vallejo Admirals, a professional baseball team. You can view their schedule and buy game tickets online.

The stadium is located in Wilson Park at 1007 Solano Ave, Vallejo, CA 94590.

Vallejo CA Crime

Is Vallejo, CA Safe? According to the FBI, the Vallejo, CA, crime rate is 4,325 per 100k people. Vallejo’s crime rate is higher than California’s crime rate (2,581 per 100k people) and the US’s (2,346 per 100k people).

Vallejos’s crime rate is 67.6% higher than the state and 84.4% higher than the country.

Additional Vallejo crime rate statistics: 

  • Vallejo violent crime rate per 100k people: 991
  • California violent crime rate per 100k people: 442
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 388

The violent crime rate in Vallejo is 124.2% higher than the state and 155.6% higher than the country.

  • Vallejo property crime rate per 100k people: 3,334
  • California property crime rate per 100k people: 2,139
  • US property crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

Vallejo’s property crime rate is 55.9% higher than the state and 70.3% higher than the country.

The homicide rate per 100k people in Vallejo is 22, California’s homicide rate per 100k people is 5.6, and the US homicide rate per 100k people is 6.5.

Here is Vallejo’s crime rate compared to other California Cities

  • San Francisco: 4,938 crimes per 100k people (91.3% higher than the state and 110.5% higher than the country)
  • Oakland: 6,457 crimes per 100k people (150.2% higher than the state and 175.2% higher than the country
  • Benicia: 1,498 crimes per 100k people: 42.0% lower than the state and 36.1% lower than the country

If something does happen, you can take comfort in knowing the Vallejo Police Department has 111 sworn officers protecting the people living in Vallejo!

Vallejo Jobs

Before moving to Vallejo, take a look at its economy, job opportunities, and if they offer what your career needs to succeed.

Vallejo’s numerous attractions stimulate the economy and provide thousands of jobs to the people living in Vallejo. There are 57,180 jobs in Vallejo, and 20 city of Vallejo jobs are open to applicants right now!

The unemployment rate is 8.8%, and the job market increase is 0.9% since 2022; the projected job growth by 2033 is 30.2%. The leading industries in Vallejo are business services, retail, and manufacturing, and the main employers are Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Vallejo Unified School District, and Six Flags Marine World. People working in these industries earn the highest salaries: management of companies & enterprises ($130,417), utilities ($96,026), and information ($69,253.)

The average Vallejo hourly rate is $24.24, and the average base salary is $80,000. Project managers earn an average salary of $105,444, and marketing managers earn $82,514 on average. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage in Vallejo is $32.42, and the median hourly wage is $24.10.

Vallejo Schools

If you’re moving to Vallejo with kids, then you may be curious about the schooling options in the area. The city of Vallejo is part of the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD); there are 20 schools and 11,095 students in the district. Notable schools in Vallejo are Vallejo High School, Joseph H. Wardlaw Elementary (ranked #1 by U.S. News), and Franklin Middle.

If you’re interested in Private schools in Vallejo, St. Vincent Ferrer School, St. Catherine of Siena School, and North Hills Christian School are great options!

There are also notable higher education options in and near Vallejo. Touro University California School of Nursing, Solano Community College Vallejo Center, and the University of San Francisco are great options!

When living in Vallejo, you’re served by the John F. Kennedy Library, the Vallejo Library.

Vallejo CA Map

Explore more things to do with this map of Vallejo, CA!

Are you ready to start living in Vallejo? Vallejo is a wonderful place to live despite your age or occupation; there is plenty to do, and large cities are nearby! It’s one of the best cities in the county of Solano! When moving to Vallejo becomes a real possibility, you’ll want the best Vallejo movers to help you! We’ll help you through your entire moving process. Call us at 916-631-4285 to discuss your relocation needs and to receive a free moving estimate!


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