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Living in Suisun City | Here's what to know before moving to Suisun City CA

Living in Suisun City | πŸŒƒ What to Know Before Moving to Suisun City CA

Last Updated on: 12th June 2024, 01:59 pm

Living in Suisun City will give you a sunny life! The Suisun people lived in Suisun City for thousands of years before Spanish settlers arrived in the 1700s. In 1846, California was ceded to the United States. In 1850, Suisun City became the site of an American settlement. The city was incorporated in 1868. The city gets its name from the Suisun people. “Suisun” means “where the west wind blows” in Wintun. Its motto is “Discover The Experience.”

Suisun City has been prosperous for much of its history. It was a prominent railroad stop in the late 1800s; then it became a center for businesses along Interstate 80 in the late 1900s. Suisun City is best known for Suisun Bay, a bay next to the city that offers convenient access to boats and beautiful waterfront views.

Is Suisun City a good place to live? Yes, it’s a very nice place to live with a family-friendly atmosphere and great homes for sale. But before you can start moving to Suisun City, you must learn more about this special community, including data about the neighborhoods and property values. Here’s what you should know.

Where Is Suisun City?

Where is Suisun City? Suisun City is in Solano County, inside the Vallejo-Fairfield metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Suisun City borders Fairfield to the south and undeveloped and unincorporated areas to the north. It is 1.9 miles from Suisun City to Fairfield. The city includes a portion of Suisun Bay, but most of the city is well-developed and urbanized, with cul de sacs and commercial centers.

You have a few options for Suisun public transit, including services you can use for moving to Suisun City. Suisun Microtransit is a service from the City of Suisun City that provides private rides within Suisun City limits. The Amtrak Suisun station is in Suisun City and provides access to Sacramento, San Francisco, and cities near Sacramento. Most residents use their cars to commute to work while living in Suisun City, and you can use Highway 12 to travel to suburbs near San Francisco.

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Suisun City Population and Demographics

The Suisun City population was 29,518 in 2020 and rose by 5% between 2010 and 2020. The population density of Suisun City is 7,370.3; the Suisun City population density rose by 7.6% from 2010 to 2020, despite the land area shrinking by 0.1 square mile.

Suisun City is popular amongst all demographics, but it’s especially popular amongst families with adolescents and teenagers. 24.0% of the population is under the age of 18, with 12.0% of the population being between 10 and 18. The average household size is 3.0 people, with most households being headed by married couples.

Notable people from Suisun City include Lori Wilson, Alicia Hollowell, and J. Cal Ewing. Suisun City demographics include:

  • 50.9% male, 49.1% female
  • Median age: 36
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 32.1% White (22.5% non-Hispanic), 30.2% Hispanic or Latino, 22.1% Black or African American, 16.3% Asian, 15.2% two or more races, 1.7% American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.3% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
  • Median household income: $95,394 (3.8% higher than the California average)
  • Educational attainment: 89.3% of residents have graduated high school, 20.3% have a bachelor’s degree
  • Foreign-born population: 19.8%

Suisun City is one of the most diverse cities in Solano County. Over 2,400 people currently living in Suisun City come from the Phillippines, and nearly 1,200 come from Mexico. You can also find communities of Kenyan, Jordanian, and Peruvian descent in Suisun City CA.

Suisun City is a relatively safe city. Here are the community’s crime rates from the FBI in 2020:

  • Total crime rate: 2,409 offenses per 100,000 residents (6.7% lower than the state average, 2.7% higher than the national average)
  • Violent crime rate: 449 violent crimes per 100,000 people (1.6% higher than the CA average, 15.8% higher than the national average)
  • Property crime rate: 1,960 crimes per 100,000 people (8.4% lower than the state average, 0.1% higher than the national average)

While the rate of violent crimes in Suisun City is higher than the state and national averages, its murder rate is roughly half the state and national averages. You can find plenty of safe neighborhoods and places to live in Suisun City, and many households never experience crimes in the community.

The Suisun City Police Department employs 21 sworn police officers who respond to emergencies in nearby Suisun City.

Suisun City police officers and neighbors pop into a Suisun City school

Cost of Living in Suisun City

You can use Sacramento cost of living statistics and data to estimate the cost of living in Suisun City. The Sacramento cost of living index is 120.0, meaning common items like groceries in the metro area cost 20.0% more than the national average.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $128,982 a year ($10,749 a month) to cover the cost of living in Solano County. Singles and couples without children can live an affordable lifestyle, as child care is tied with housing as the costliest expense in Suisun City.

Suisun City real estate is fairly affordable, and you have options for affordable housing. According to Redfin, the median cost of Suisun City homes for sale is $562,500, with a median price per square foot of $357. According to RentCafe, the average cost of Suisun City apartments is $2,015 a month, lower than nearly all major cities in southern and central California.

Typical Suisun City* Living Expenses

  • 1 gallon of regular milk: $4.47
  • 12 regular eggs: $5.29
  • 1 pound of bananas: $0.89
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $4.87
  • Average Suisun City* utilities per month: $184.17
  • 1 pair of jeans: $62.86

Source: Numbeo

*Statistics actually for Fairfield, CA

Suisun City Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Suisun City

Suisun City does not have formal neighborhoods. The Suisun City real estate market is active, with 205 homes sold in 2023 alone. You can find Suisun City homes for sale throughout the community, most of which are available for sale between $500,000 and $600,000. Most properties for sale are single-family homes built in the late 1900s and have features like single-story layouts, slanted roofs, and attached garages. Many Suisun City homes for sale are suitable for large families, as they contain at least three bedrooms and 1,500 square feet of space.

An apartment house in Bridges on Sunset, one of the popular properties for living in Suisun City

Suisun City has several apartment complexes, including affordable and luxury Suisun City apartments. Bridges on Sunset is a luxury complex with an on-site dog park and a swimming pool and spa. Each apartment in Bridges on Sunset comes with energy-efficient kitchen appliances, vaulted ceilings, and in-home washers and dryers, making living in Suisun City easy.

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Suisun City Weather and Climate

Suisun City has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with warm and long summers and short but cold and wet winters. July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 70 degrees and an average high of 86. Temperatures stay relatively stagnant through the whole summer and then decline in the mid-fall. January and December are the coldest months of the year for weather in Suisun City CA, with an average temperature of 47 degrees and an average low of 41.

Suisun City winters are cloudy, with over 50% of days being overcast or mostly cloudy. The weather clears up in the spring, with 91% of July days being clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy. July and August report no precipitation on average, but the city receives 18.8 inches of rain. Suisun City reports no humidity and experiences extreme weather only on rare occasions.

August is the best month to visit and start moving to Suisun City. You can enjoy clear Suisun City weather and warm temperatures in a short sleeved shirt and shorts. Most outdoor attractions in the community are open, and many restaurants and coffee shops serve summer refreshments like cold brew coffee and tea.

Things to Do in Suisun City

You can enjoy various things to do in Suisun City CA, including great shopping malls and grocery stores. Sunset Center and Marina Center are located in the community and contain locally run stores like Unlimited Electronics and 3Js Suisun. Top grocery stores include Suisun City Seafood Center, an Asian grocery store, and Raley’s.

Lambrecht Sports Complex

Sunset at Lambrecht Sports Complex, a popular location amongst children

Lambrecht Sports Complex covers 80 acres and contains four Little League fields and four adult softball diamonds, making it the best place to visit for baseball and softball. You can watch Little League and softball games yearly and work out in an indoor rec center.

4455 Lambrecht Drive, Suisun City, CA, 94585, 707-580-0633

Solano Yacht Club

The Solano Yacht Club is on the eastern edge of the Suisun City Marina. It’s one of the oldest yacht clubs in the Suisun City area, and it’s open to boaters of all experience levels and backgrounds. You can rent the club out for private events or go on group boating trips with other members.

703 Civic Center Boulevard, Suisun City, CA, 94585, 707-429-0284

Lawler Ranch Park

Lawler Ranch Park is the most dog-friendly destination in Suisun City, containing a dog park for small dogs and a separate park for large ones. Lawler Ranch also contains a half basketball court, an all-purpose field, and two family-friendly playgrounds.

Off Lawler Ranch Parkway, Suisun City, CA, 94585

Additional Things to Do in Suisun City

A park maintained by the Suisun City Recreation Department

The Suisun City Recreation, Parks, and Marina Department takes care of public areas in Suisun City, including the Suisun City Marina. The department also works with other departments to plan public events throughout the city; you can use the Suisun City events calendar to see when the events will occur.

Suisun City Restaurants

The Solano County area is well known for its diverse cuisine, with plenty of Tex-Mex, Hawaiian, Italian, and Asian restaurants open to the public. Suisun City restaurants are no less diverse, and you can enjoy a range of authentic and kid-friendly experiences.

Black Bear Diner

Breakfast at Black Bear Diner, one of the best places for breakfast with friends

Black Bear Diner is the best restaurant in Suisun City for breakfast, offering pancakes, waffles, French toast, and comfort food throughout the day. It’s a top kid-friendly destination, as the kids’ menu has over a dozen different offerings.

111 Sunset Avenue, Suisun City, CA, 94585, 707-422-4386

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing is a unique Jamaican restaurant serving jerk chicken, fried snapper, curry, and other Jamaican staples in a casual atmosphere. You can shop for Jamaican groceries, including fresh produce and meat, at affordable prices at an on-site grocery store.

503 Marina Center, Suisun City, CA, 94585, 707-639-9358

Bai Cebu Lechon

Roast pork at Bai Cebu Lechon, one of the best places for Asian food in Suisun City California

Bai Cebu Lechon is a Filipino restaurant well known for its roast pork and empanadas. Bai Cebu Lechon is one of the best Suisun City restaurants for takeout, though you can stay and enjoy friendly customer service.

303 Marina Center, Suisun City, CA, 94585, 707-389-2054

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Suisun City Jobs

14,467 people have jobs in Suisun City. Between 2013 and 2021, the city added over 1,500 jobs, including over 400 construction jobs and over 200 public administration jobs. The three biggest sectors for Suisun City jobs are retail trade, health care, and manufacturing.

According to Payscale, Suisun City jobs have an average annual salary of $71,000 and an hourly base rate of $21.21. Major employers in Suisun City include Walmart, Travis Air Force Base, and Solano County. You can find Suisun City jobs using Indeed, and you can research and apply for City of Suisun City jobs on the municipal government’s website.

Suisun City Schools

The Fairfield Suisun Unified School District serves all students living in Suisun City. Suisun City contains three elementary schools, including Dan Root Elementary School. Dan Root is a K-8 school with a unique health and wellness focus. Dan Root is one of the best schools in the district for students with special needs, with the school employing Speech/Language Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education (APE) therapists.

Crystal Middle School is the only middle school in Suisun City. Crystal Middle School is one of the most diverse schools in the school district. 48.2% of students identify as Hispanic or Latino, 20.9% identify as Black or African American, and 12.6% identify as Asian.

Suisun City contains no high schools, but Armijo High School is just outside the city. Armijo High School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) School that offers IB exams in various subjects. Armijo has numerous top extracurricular programs, including a student-run newspaper.

Suisun City has a few private schools, including preschools. CLLAIMM Academy is a Christian preschool and childcare institution that teaches students essential life skills, including public speaking. The city does not contain any colleges or universities.

The Suisun City Library is in downtown Suisun City. The Suisun City Library is adjacent to Suisun Elementary School and contains a study room, a community meeting room, and a 15-seat computer center.

Families living in Suisun City enjoying the Suisun City Library

Suisun City Statistics and Information

  • County: Solano County
  • Suisun City area: 4.04 square miles
  • Suisun City zip code: 94534, 94585
  • Suisun City area code: 707
  • Suisun City elevation: 7 feet
  • Suisun City time zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7 and -8)
  • Closest airport to Suisun City: Sacramento International Airport (SMF), 48.2 miles from Suisun City

Suisun City Map

This handy map of Suisun City can help you find things to do, restaurants, and nearby amenities to buy.

Living in Suisun City is so sweet! You and your family can enjoy great restaurants, beautiful outdoor attractions, and a neighborly feel with tight-knit cul de sacs.

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