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Moving to & Living in Rancho Cordova, CA

Moving to Rancho Cordova, CA [2024] Tips | 💯 Is Living in Rancho Cordova RIGHT for You?

Last Updated on: 8th August 2023, 06:32 pm

The beautiful city of Rancho Cordova, CA can be found about 13 miles east of Sacramento. Rancho Cordova is bordered by Citrus Heights, Folsom, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Gold River, La Riviera, Mather, and Rosemont.

What is now known as Rancho Cordova was originally called Mayhew’s Crossing and Hangtown Crossing during the Gold Rush years around the 1850s. The community played a role in the gold rush as a handful of miners were able to find gold veins in their search for wealth. As the years went by, the area became a hub for many vineyards and orchards before it finally was incorporated as the city of Rancho Cordova on July 1, 2003.

Rancho Cordova was named after the local Cordova Vineyard, which was the largest vineyard across the city for many years. Known for its nice weather and gold rush history, Rancho Cordova offers unique history, great places to eat, and a handful of fun outdoor activities. The city’s motto is “City Life Reinvented”.

Numerous notable people have lived in the Rancho Cordova area such as actor Robbie Jones, NBC journalist Lester Holt, as well as multiple MLB baseball players including Max Venable, Geoff Jenkins, and Jerry Manuel.

1. People of Rancho Cordova, CA – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Rancho Cordova? Since its establishment, there has been an average of 10,000 people moving to Rancho Cordova every 10 years. The current Rancho Cordova population is 75,086 with a median age of 33 years old.

Rancho Cordova demographics offer impressive diversity with about 55.1% White (4.7% non-Hispanic), 20.9% Hispanic, 14.0% Asian, and 10.9% Black or African American. There is only a slight difference between the number of men and women living in Rancho Cordova with a sex ratio of 52% female and 48% male. The median household income in Rancho Cordova is $71,655, which is a bit higher than the national average.

2. Cost of Living in Rancho Cordova, CA

How much does it cost to live in Rancho Cordova, CA? The average cost of living in Rancho Cordova is 21% higher than the US average and about 29% higher than the California state average. Healthcare expenses tend to be more expensive in Rancho Cordova while some other budget items like groceries, utilities, and the Rancho Cordova real estate market are lower than average.

The homeownership rate in Rancho Cordova is 55.4%, making up just over half of the city’s population. As you look through Rancho Cordova, CA homes for sale, you’ll find housing that will fit every need and lifestyle. The average price of a home in Rancho Cordova is $430,000. Rancho Cordova property tax rates are 0.810%, adding up to annual taxes of $3,483 when you have a home that costs $430,000.

Just under half of the residents living in Rancho Cordova rent, meaning there are plenty of leasing options available. The average price of rent in Rancho Cordova is $1,461 per month, which is a 7% increase since this time last year.

3. Rancho Cordova Neighborhoods

Are you wondering if Rancho Cordova is a safe place to live? The crime rate in Rancho Cordova is about 13% lower than the average across the United States. Violent crime rates are 22% with a 1 in 47 chance overall of being a victim of crime in Rancho Cordova. While any community will have its good areas and bad areas, Rancho Cordova is generally considered a safe place to live.

Rancho Cordova, CA on a map

Where should you live in Rancho Cordova? As you search through local communities for the right location that fits your needs, a few of the best Rancho Cordova neighborhoods worth a look include:

The area that makes up Rancho Cordova covers about 35 square miles in the north-central part of Sacramento County. Rancho Cordova zip codes include 95655, 95670, 95683, 95742, and 95827. Local phone numbers in Rancho Cordova start with a 916 area code.

Locals enjoy plenty of nice shopping locations in Rancho Cordova such as Walgreens, Zinfandel Plaza, Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Raley’s, Viva Supermarket, Safeway, and KP International Market.

4. Rancho Cordova, CA Weather

As a warm, temperate city, there is a Köppen-Geiger climate in Rancho Cordova. People living in Rancho Cordova love the beautiful weather the area provides for most of the year.

The average temperature in Rancho Cordova during the summer is between the mid-60s and upper 90s. Winters cool down as temps dip into the upper 30s at night and reach the mid-50s at the warmest part of the day. Rancho Cordova weather also brings about 20 inches of rain per year on average.

5. Things to Do in Rancho Cordova

There are more than enough fun places to visit and popular points of interest in Rancho Cordova to keep people of all ages entertained.

Sacramento Children’s Museum

As a top-rated Rancho Cordova attraction, the Sacramento Children’s Museum offers rotating exhibits and educational activities that your children will love. Among the best things to do in Rancho Cordova with kids, the museum has summer camps and hosts many field trips during the school year.

Sacramento Children’s Museum, 2701 Prospect Park Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670  (916) 730-5079

Stone Creek Community Park

One of the can’t miss attractions in Rancho Cordova is Stone Creek Community Creek Park and its 21 acres of open room to run and play. Rated as the best Rancho Cordova park, the area has a splash pad, a skate park, places for picnics, children’s playgrounds, and much more.

Stone Creek Community Park, 3625 Spoto Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670  (916) 369-9844

Additional Major Rancho Cordova Attractions

6. Rancho Cordova Restaurants

Great restaurants can be found all over Rancho Cordova with themes and food categories that fit every palate.

Brookfields Restaurant

At Brookfields Restaurant, diners will love the savory menu of oven-roasted chicken, turkey dinner plates, alfredo pasta, salmon, Mahi Mahi tacos, and other choices. The popular Rancho Cordova destination also features baked goods you can either have with your meal or bring home on the go.

Brookfields Restaurant, 11135 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670  (916) 638-2046

Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse

One of Rancho Cordova’s best places to eat is Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse, which features a banquet-style dining area. The family-owned restaurant in Rancho Cordova has a succulent menu of steaks, seafood, and a handful of other delicious meals.

Rudy’s Hideaway Lobsterhouse, 12303 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742  (916) 351-0606

7. Jobs in Rancho Cordova

Covering a good-sized area, there is a variety of great Rancho Cordova jobs for new residents. The best places to work in Rancho Cordova are:

Anyone relocating to the area who wants to commute from Rancho Cordova to Sacramento can expect to travel about 13 miles and 20 minutes both ways.

The average salary in Rancho Cordova is $74,000 per year with a Rancho Cordova state income tax rate of 9.3%. Rancho Cordova’s unemployment rate is 7.4%, which is almost twice the national average.

8. Rancho Cordova Schools

About 21,774 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old are living in Rancho Cordova, which adds up to nearly one-third of the city’s entire population. Many parents enjoy the area and feel that Rancho Cordova is an excellent place for families to live.

Local weather in Rancho Cordova, CA

Rancho Cordova hosts the Folsom-Cordova Unified School District and the Elk Grove Unified School District. The top Rancho Cordova schools include:

  • Riverview STEM Elementary School
  • Sunrise Elementary School
  • Mills Middle School
  • W.E. Mitchell Middle School
  • Cordova High School

Being so close to the big city, there are a handful of great colleges and universities near Rancho Cordova. Among the top options close by are California State University–Sacramento less than 9 miles away and William Jessup University less than 20 miles to the north in Rocklin, CA.

Living in Rancho Cordova Pros & Cons

  • Pro: A great suburb with many nice restaurants and reputable school programs.
  • Pro: With easy access to Sacramento, there are plenty of fun things to do in Rancho Cordova and nearby.
  • Con: The cost of living in Rancho Cordova is fairly high, even based on California standards.

Moving to Rancho Cordova, CA

If this is enough reason to move to Rancho Cordova, the team at Mother Lode would love to assist with your upcoming transition! Get in touch with our professional Rancho Cordova movers today by calling 916-631-4285 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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