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Is Living in Orangevale CA Right For You? 🤷‍♀️ | [2024] ULTIMATE Moving to Orangevale Guide

Last Updated on: 8th August 2023, 06:16 pm

A census-designated place in Sacramento County, Orangevale is a close neighbor to Sacramento County’s namesake city, and is an upper-middle class area known for views of the Sierra Nevadas. The community was once called “Orange Vale Colony”, and was built up out of a land grant given by the Mexican government to ranchers in 1844. Although the area is now a growing metropolis, it still retains some of that Western character, with many properties and neighborhoods being zoned to accommodate Orangevale’s numerous orchards and horse trails. The rustic charm of Orangevale attracts many notable types, including Texas Rangers baseballer Ryan Cordell and country singer Devin Dawson.

Orangevale, CA Population & Demographics

Orangevale has a population of 34,824 distributed over 11.5 miles at a population density of about 3,037 people per square mile. The median age here is 41.4 which is about 10% higher than the California average of 36.5. The median household income in Orangevale is $81,801, which is about 10% higher than the average household income for the state of California, being $75,235.

The racial demographics of Orangevale’s population are primarily Caucasian, at 81.6% White (75.3% non-Hispanic), 13.4% Hispanic, 10.9% two or more races, 2.7% Asian, and 1.3% Black or African American. Orangevale’s sex ratio is skewed towards women, at 51%.

Orangevale’s singular zip code is 95662, while the area codes are 916 and 279. Orangevale is around 18 miles from Sacramento’s city center, and if you want to go from Orangevale to Sacramento, it will take you from twenty to thirty minutes. Orangevale’s time zone is Pacific Daylight Time, and sits at an elevation of 240’.

Thinking about moving to this community, but wondering if Orangevale is a safe place to live? The Orangevale crime rate is lower than the California average. Violent crime rates in Orangevale are 6% lower than the California average, while property crime rates are 5% lower. Thus the data points to Orangevalle as a safe community to live in. Orangevale’s police department is the North Division of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Cost of Living in Orangevale, CA

Orangevale is middle class in California, and that means it’ll be pretty expensive for just about anywhere else, as shown with the cost of living here being 20% higher than most places in the United States, according to Payscale. The median home price in Orangevale is around $372,500, which is actually significantly less than the average California home price of $505,000. If you choose to move to Orangevale, you’ll find that you’ll be paying less than the average for utilities, but more for things like groceries and transportation. In terms of renting in Orangevale, Orangevale’s comparatively affordable property prices do not translate over, with an average cost of $1,724 per month for all units.

Although Orangevale is an affluent community, it has a fairly competitive housing market for those willing to dig around. If you’re looking for that classic rancher charm, Orangevale is the place for you.

Best Neighborhoods in Orangevale, CA

Orangevale’s middle class character is indicative of a wide variety of properties for all sorts of budgets and tastes. There are a great many distinct communities waiting to be your new home! There are plenty of choices to be made when tailoring a community specifically to you and your family. Check out some of your neighborhood options below:

If you’re looking for something affordable and not too big, an area like Madison Oaks might be your speed, with homes on the smaller side that are still within easy driving distance of most of Orangevale’s best attractions. Meanwhile, if you’ve got the budget to spare, a neighborhood like Sierra View Estates, with its big but pricey homes and loads of local amenities may be a more appealing spot. Orangevale has a wide variety of homes and communities!

If you want to make yourself a part of any of these communities, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Orangevale, CA.

If you want to know where things are, check out this map of Orangevale.

Orangevale, CA Climate & Weather

California is often called the Golden State for a reason, and that reason is lots of sunshine. In Orangevale you can expect little in the way of rain, and usually no snow. You can expect lows of 39 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and highs of 94 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Orangevale experiences less than the average amount of rainfall when compared with the rest of the United States, with 21 inches per year as compared to 38 inches. Meanwhile, Orangevale experiences no snow, outside of freak weather occurrences. The best times to visit Orangevale, in terms of comfort rating, are May and October.


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Things to Do in Orangevale, CA

Orangevale isn’t just some boring bedroom community, and there are family-friendly attractions and excellent shopping galore to be discovered here! Check out shopping centers nearby like the Cable Park Shopping Center for all your shopping needs! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Orangevale, CA below:

Norma Hamlin Park

No matter where you live, it’s nice to get out and about and get a breath of fresh air every once in a while. If the horse trails and orchards don’t satisfy you during your Orangevale stay, Norma Hamlin Park, with its playground and picnic areas, may just do the trick.

5624 Snipes Blvd, Orangevale, CA 95662, (916) 988-4373

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Situated on the beautiful Folsom Lake, this recreation area is the perfect place to cool off or just chill out with a nice view in the Orangevale area. Plus, you can swim, canoe, kayak, and the area has a network of excellent hiking and biking trails.

Orangevale, CA 95662, (916) 988-0205

Orangevale, CA Additional Attractions:

The city of Orangevale’s parks & rec department operates eight parks and four natural areas within city limits for residents to enjoy. See all of Orangevale’s parks at the Orangevale parks & recreation site.

Places to Eat in Orangevale, CA

Alongside its host of things to do, Orangevale is also home to plenty of great eats! Check out some below:

Kolbeh Kebab Restaurant

Kebabs aren’t the first thing most people think of when they think of ethnic foods, but Kolbeh is an example of wonderful Persian and Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to taste the flavors of the Near East, Kolbeh is your place!

8700 Greenback Ln, Orangevale, CA 95662, (916) 990-0233

Strobelli’s Pizza

What, dear reader, would any American community be without a proper pizza place? Nothing, we say! Strobelli’s is a casual restaurant with pizza, sandwiches, beer, and more. Sure to fulfill all your pizza-related needs!

9372 Madison Ave #6, Orangevale, CA 95662, (916) 989-6666

Orangevale, CA Schools & Colleges

Orangevale’ is not the most expensive community in California by a long shot, but you’d be surprised at the quality of the schools on offer. The community is served by the San Juan Unified School District and the Golden Valley River School District, which has 100% of their schools rated “Above Average”, by GreatSchools. Some highlights in terms of local schools include Oakview Community Elementary, Golden Valley River Middle School, and Casa Roble Fundamental High. You can rest easy knowing your child will have access to excellent education during your stay in Orangevale!

Orangevale’s library needs are served by the Sacramento Public Library.

Jobs in Orangevale, CA

Those planning on making a living in Orangevale should know that wages and cost of living have been rising, according to Payscale. The most popular positions of employment are Office Manager and Registered Dental Assistant. Meanwhile, the largest employer in the area is California Family Fitness. The average salary for a worker in Orangevale is $75k a year, while the average hourly wage is $18.36.

If you’re living in Orangevale, you’ve got access to plenty of opportunities, particularly in the health and fitness industry! Check out the latest listings for jobs in Orangevale, CA here.

Moving to Orangevale, CA  Pros & Cons


  • Great weather
  • Reasonably priced property
  • Lots of activities


  • Rising cost of living

Ready to take that last step and start your journey to making Orangevale your new home? Give Mother Lode a call at 916-631-4285! Our crew of highly-trained professional Orangevale movers will ensure your move is a stress-free process at affordable rates! Call now or fill out our online form for a free quote!


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