Tips that Will Make Your Long-Distance Move That Much Cheaper

Although you may be eager to move, you’re probably not so thrilled about the moving process itself. Anyone who has moved long-distance will tell you that relocating can be not only time-consuming and stressful, but costly as well. While planning in advance and getting friends to help pack are great ways to start saving on your move, there are many other ways to cut back. As a top moving company in Sacramento, at Mother Lode Van & Storage, we’re asked every day for advice about affordable moving options, and we know better than anyone how these costs can add up. With that in mind, we’ve provided these tips for saving money on moving:

Get Rid of Unused Items

tips to make your long distance move cheaperWhen it comes time to start packing, you’ll probably come across items that you don’t use any longer or may have completely forgotten about. This is the opportune time to decide which items are actually useful and which ones are just taking up space. If you find things that have been sitting on a shelf for years, then it’s probably time to get rid of them. Items that are in decent condition could be sold at a yard sale or online for a profit, while others could be donated to charity. This will not only help you make a small profit, but will leave you with fewer possessions to move, helping you save money on expenses.

Don’t Buy Boxes

Instead of buying boxes for your move, visit your local grocery store, wholesale club, or local recycling facility to get them for free. Since cardboard is recyclable, why not reuse it? Let your friends and family know you’re in search of boxes so that they can keep an eye out for you as well.

Avoid Using Bubble Wrap

Although many prefer bubble wrap because it’s bulky and keeps objects protected from damage, it is also expensive. Depending on how much you have to move, you may find yourself spending a bit more on bubble wrap than you’d like. Instead, use old newspapers, towels, and sheets to wrap fragile items.

Know all the Fees Associated with Your Move

While we are a moving company, we’re also ordinary people too. We understand that no customer wants to see one price, but pay another after fees are included. Contact us today and receive a free, no obligation moving estimate. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and avoid any hidden surprises.

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