How to Avoid Office Move Downtime

Relocations can be dreadful when they are unplanned. The move can cause unwanted downtime. To prevent this from happening, we suggest you do the following things.

Plan for contingencies

When moving, that is when you notice broken and damaged items. Repairing them during transit is not possible. Some of the things need replacement. In addition, sometimes you plan to relocate during a particular time. You don’t want to be caught up in traffic because of a public event that you didn’t factor into your plans.

Also, plan your moving. Don’t be hasty about it, unless it is an emergency. Inform your customers about a possible interruption. At least keep them in the loop that you are relocating. Informing them about it does not mean it must happen. It is a chance for them to either order more beforehand.

Label items properly

Communication is critical in any relocation exercise. The most important part of moving is ensuring that everything is labeled correctly. Remember, you will need the labels to replicate the office experience that you have enjoyed at your current location. Personal space should be maintained—if not improved on—to ensure that the staffs are as comfortable as they have ever been.

Label computers, servers, desks, and other items properly. You can ask for help if you have unique items such as art, equipment, and other sensitive items that you want to move.

Schedule the move during off-peak

The surest way of avoiding downtime is by capitalizing on downtime to move. It does not have to be weekends; some businesses are busier on weekends. The same case applies to the evenings. Capitalize on the company’s off-peak. Move at that time when you are least active. If you prefer to move in the evening, you can work a half day. Allocate enough time for this exercise; it is always good to be ahead of schedule than behind schedule.

Let the experts do it for you

Moving is an expert job because they have the following:

  • The experience to handle complex projects
  • The necessary tools and equipment
  • The required experts for every job

One thing that will give you nightmares is your IT department. If you don’t have the skills for the job, you may experience downtime for days or even weeks. That is why you need to hire a professional mover. They will ensure that nothing is damaged. The will also make sure that your information is available as soon as possible.

How to Find the Best Office Movers

An ideal mover will guide you through the planning process including budgeting and scheduling. Ideally, she must be licensed.

Trade secrets for the business might spill out when on the move. A professional mover will help you maintain information security and protocol irrespective of the disruption.

On the overall, you can have seamless moving services that will guarantee your business minimal disruption. It takes some time before you adjust to the new surroundings. When you hire the right moving company, the whole process will feel like a minor bump.

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