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Midtown Sacramento Neighborhood Guide ☀️😍 | Why You’ll LOVE Living in Midtown Sac!

Last Updated on: 7th April 2024, 10:36 pm

Situated in the heart of California’s capital city, Midtown Sacramento offers residents a unique blend of art, cuisine, and community. Living in Midtown Sacramento is a wonderful experience for singles, families, and retirees alike, and the neighborhood is known for its vibrant culture, charming tree lined streets, and family-owned boutiques and coffee shops. Let’s explore what it’s like living in Midtown Sac.

Where Is Midtown Sacramento?


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Midtown Sacramento is located just 0.8 miles away from Downtown Sacramento and is within walking distance of some of the city’s best art galleries, entertainment options, and live music events. What is considered Midtown Sacramento? Midtown’s borders are R Street on the South, J Street on the North, 16th Street on the West, and 30th Street on the East. The Midtown Sacramento zip code is 95816, and the neighborhood is just a few square miles in area.

When living in Midtown Sacramento CA, you can enjoy easy access to major freeways like Capital City Freeway and Elvas Freeway. Additionally, the Midtown area is known for being both pedestrian and bike friendly, with several marked bike lanes throughout the neighborhood as well as a bike path connecting to the American River Parkway. If you prefer public transportation, then the Sacramento Regional Transit District offers both a bus and light rail service for you to utilize when living in the area.

Midtown Sacramento Map

Midtown Sacramento History & Overview


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Midtown Sacramento’s history is deeply rooted in California’s mid-19th century Gold Rush era. Sacramento, situated at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, experienced a rapid influx of travelers seeking their fortunes in the goldfields of the Sierra Nevada. During this time, Midtown emerged as a vital hub between downtown Sacramento and its surrounding suburbs. The neighborhood was known for having a very diverse population, with immigrants from all corners of the globe choosing to call the neighborhood home.

Throughout the 20th century, Midtown Sacramento became a bustling residential area, featuring beautiful homes and apartments as well as quaint family-owned stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Today, Midtown Sac is known as a quiet oasis on the outskirts of the downtown area.

Midtown Sacramento Demographics:

  • Midtown Sacramento population: 4,135
  • Midtown Sacramento median household income: $74,552 (compared to Sacramento average of $75,149)
  • Educational attainment: 94.2% high school degree (or higher), 53.9% bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Median age: 33
  • Foreign-born population: 7.4%
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 73.5% White, 7.7% Black or African American, 7.2% Asian, 6.6% two or more races

What’s It Like Living in Midtown Sacramento?


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When living in Midtown Sac, there is always something fun to do. The walkable streets mean that you are never too far away from a great place to stop for a coffee or grab a bite to eat. The neighborhood hosts several regular events throughout the year, and the parks in the area often have live music opportunities for residents to take part in.

Midtown Sacramento California is very popular among young people due to the hip bars and restaurants as well as the proximity to downtown, and the median age in the town is 33. Additionally, the average household size is two persons, and 92.26% of households do not have kids. While there are several exciting businesses, parks, and shops in the area, Midtown is much more peaceful than Downtown Sacramento. Most of the area is residential and quiet, also making it a good place for families with kids to reside.

Midtown Sac is also home to the Lavender Heights District, which is Sacramento’s gay and lesbian district. This area is bound by K Street and 20th Street, and is home to many gay-owned homes and businesses. This area also hosts several pride events, especially during the summertime.

When living in Midtown Sacramento, California, you can easily walk to all of the fun museums, parks, and other attractions located in the Downtown area. Additionally, you are only a few hours away from other major California cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Things to Do in Midtown Sacramento – Best Restaurants, Attractions & Shopping

There are several incredible things to do in Midtown Sacramento. Whether you are on the hunt for delicious foods, looking for fun events, or are in search of some of the best bars, there is something for residents of Midtown to enjoy at all times. These are just a few of the most fun things to do in Midtown Sacramento


It’s no secret that Sacramento is the best city in the state for foodies, and there is no shortage of excellent Midtown Sacramento restaurants. The streets of Midtown are lined with popular bars and restaurants, all featuring outdoor seating, so you can enjoy a sense of community while grabbing a bite to eat. The northwest corner of the neighborhood is where most of the eateries are located and is home to popular spots like The Porch Restaurant & Bar and Crepeville.

If you want to enjoy drinks on one of the warm summer weekends, then check out The Grand, which is one of the best bars in Midtown Sacramento. Other popular restaurants in Midtown Sacramento include The Morning Fork and The Golden Bear.


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Things to Do

Because Midtown is mostly residential, there aren’t too many attractions in the neighborhood. However, the area is home to a few nice parks. James Marshall Park is a 2.5-acre park featuring adult fitness stations as well as a horseshoe pit. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park is also in the community, which is the oldest restored fort in the United States.

In this park, you’ll find the State Indian Museum, which features several artifacts from California’s indigenous tribes. When living in Midtown Sac, you are never too far away from Downtown Sacramento, where you can enjoy additional fun attractions and events.


One of the best things to do in Midtown Sacramento is to browse the local shops. Supporting small businesses is easy in Midtown, with several locally-owned stores such as Mixed Bag, Kulture, and The Pomegranate Boutique. Take a walk down any street in Midtown, and you are sure to find a business that resonates with you.

This is where you can find these Midtown Sac restaurants and things to do:

Midtown Sacramento Schools

When living in Midtown Sac, your children will be served by the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD). SCUSD consists of 81 schools and serves over 41,000 students. There are no public schools located within Midtown; however, David Lubin Elementary School is within walking distance of the neighborhood.

If you are interested in private schooling, Saint Francis Elementary and Merryhill Elementary & Middle School both call the neighborhood home. For your little ones who aren’t in public school yet, the Busy Bee Childhood Development Center and the L’Academy Mandarin & Spanish Immersion Preschool Sacramento Midtown are popular preschools in the neighborhood.

Although there are no colleges in the Midtown neighborhood, the city of Sacramento is full of wonderful higher education options. Both California College and California State University are just a short walk down the street from Midtown.

As a resident of Midtown, you can enjoy access to the Sacramento Central Library.

Is Midtown Sacramento Safe?


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Is Midtown Sacramento safe? Midtown Sacramento does have higher than average crime rates. Here’s an overview of crime in Midtown Sac.

  • Overall crime: 13,182 crimes per 100,000 people (467% higher than the national average)
  • Violent crime: 3,041 crimes per 100,000 people (722% higher than the national average)
  • Property crime: 10,141 crimes per 100,000 people (419% higher than the national average)

Although these crime rates are high, Midtown Sacramento is a safe place to live. Like any major city, the crime rates are expected to be on the higher end. Also, most of the crime in the area comes in the form of property crime, which, although frustrating, is not generally a threat to your safety.

Also, in a recent report from KCRA, it was reported that violent crime in Sacramento is down 18% from last year and is only continuing to drop. When living in Midtown Sacramento, California, you will be served by the City of Sacramento Police Department, which has 799 officers on the force.

Midtown Sac Real Estate

Are you interested in purchasing Midtown Sacramento real estate? According to Redfin, the median home price in Midtown Sacramento is $671,000, which is down 14.5% compared to last year. Most of the homes in the area are small, single-family homes with two stories.

If you are more interested in Midtown Sacramento apartments, then there are several options for you. Cambria Apartments, 1801 L Apartments, and The Press at Midtown Quarter Apartments are some of the most popular options in the area. According to RentCafe, the average rent for apartments in Midtown Sacramento is $2,319.


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If living in Midtown Sacramento sounds like a great idea to you, then let Mother Lode Moving assist you along the way. Our dedicated team of Midtown Sacramento movers is ready to make your life easier before, during, and after moving day. Give us a call today at 916-631-4285 to discuss your move and get started with a free quote.


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