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moving to rancho murieta, ca

What’s It Like Living in Rancho Murieta? 🔑 | Tips + Guide for Moving to Rancho Murieta CA

Last Updated on: 18th October 2023, 05:57 pm

Rancho Murieta is a beautiful, safe, gated community situated in the Sierra Foothills. The town spans over 3,500 acres and offers plenty of small-town charm and outdoor recreation. Surrounded by miles of well-maintained trails, lots of trees and wildlife, and scenic lakes and rivers, Rancho Murieta is a dream location to enjoy outdoor activities. But that’s not all. Rancho Murieta has five lakes, two 18-hole golf courses, an equestrian center, and an airport, shopping, and dining all in one place!

Check out what’s waiting for you after you move to Rancho Murieta, California!

Where Is Rancho Murieta California?

Rancho Murieta is a guarded, gated community and a community services district (CSD) in California. Rancho Murieta is in Sacramento County located about 23 miles southeast of Sacramento, and is part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Sloughhouse borders Rancho Murieta to the west, and Deer Creek Nature Preserve borders it to the north.

Rancho Murieta CA Population & Demographics

What’s interesting about Rancho Murieta is that it’s a legal subdivision and has its own local government. They have a Board of Directors that helps to manage their government, and the current president is Tim Maybee. The Directors meet every third Wednesday of the month to go over how to improve the community.

The population of Rancho Murieta is 5,903, according to the 2020 Census, up from 5,488 in 2010. The racial and ethnic composition of Rancho Murieta is 81.6% White (72.9% Non-Hispanic), 4.4% Black or African American, 0.4% American Indian and Alaskan Native, 3.5% Asian, and 8.1% two or more races. The Hispanic population is 17.2%.

Rancho Murieta demographics:

  • Population density: 454.8 /sq mi
  • Median age: 52.5
  • Sex ratio: 55.1% females to 44.9% males
  • Median household income: $133,505
  • Educational attainment: 95.1% high school grad or higher, 50.7% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 8.3%
  • Veteran population: 566

Rancho Murieta is a safe place to live. The crime rate is 40% lower than the national average, and violent crimes in Rancho Murieta are 38% lower. In Rancho Murieta, there are 1,400 crimes per 100,000 people. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department serves and protects the community of Rancho Murieta.

Rancho Murieta CA Cost Of Living – Is Rancho Murieta, CA Expensive?

Rancho Murieta CA is not expensive to live in compared to the rest of California. The cost of living is just 3% higher than the state average. The costs of goods and services, transportation, and utilities are all at or below the state average. Healthcare is 9% higher.

All of the utilities and services in Rancho Murieta are provided by Rancho Murieta. They serve 3,500 acres, which is about 5 miles, and provide all necessary utilities to the “suburban country” area. They service water supply collection, treat­ment, and distribution, wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse, storm drainage collection, disposal, and flood control, security, and solid waste collection and disposal.

The average Rancho Murieta monthly utility bill is $305.52.

In addition to your regular expenses, Rancho Murieta has taxes and fees that are associated with living there. However, it depends on the neighborhood you live in.

Check out the below monthly tax rates to get a better idea of what you’ll be spending.

  • Murieta Village:
    • January – June: $7.46 for security + $3.63 for drainage = $11.09 monthly
    • July – December: $7.61 for security + $3.70 for drainage = $11.31 monthly
  • Villas:
    • January – June: $30.93 for security + $3.63 for drainage = $34.56 monthly
    • July – December: $31.55 for security + $3.70 for drainage = $35.25 monthly
  • Murieta Gardens:
    • January – June: $7.46 for security + $5.43 for drainage = $12.89 monthly
    • July – December: $7.61 for security + $5.53 for drainage = $13.14 monthly

Housing is the biggest cost in Rancho Murieta. Housing costs are 19% above the state average. The Rancho Murieta housing market is somewhat competitive. The median sale price of a home in Rancho Murieta is $675,000, an 8.4% increase since last year. The median sale price per square foot in Rancho Murieta is $326, down 2.5% since last year. Homes in Rancho Murieta sell after about 14 days on the market compared to 65 days last year. Check out homes for sale Rancho Murieta CA to see how much a home in Rancho Murieta will cost you.

If you are planning to rent in Rancho Murieta, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2,274 a month. By comparison, average rents in Fresno are $1,856 per month.

Best Neighborhoods In Rancho Murieta CA

Rancho Murieta is new, and a lot of the neighborhoods and communities are still in development. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Rancho Murieta.

The Retreats

The Retreats presents an exclusive gated community, featuring exquisite single-family homes available for purchase in Rancho Murieta, CA. Select from a collection of four distinctive floor plans, each adorned with designer elements and premium finishes, all set on generous homesites. Experience the privilege of residing in the secure confines of the Rancho Murieta Country Club, a private golf course community conveniently located near Sacramento. The Retreats West is already completed with 22 homes. The Retreats East and North are still being built.

Murieta Gardens

This neighborhood sold out especially fast, but there could be homes for sale as time goes on. Murieta Gardens in Rancho Murieta, CA, presents single-story new homes with four spacious floor plans ranging from 1,806 to 2,349 square feet. This neighborhood is closest to Murieta business park.

The Murieta Hills Estates

For those who want a bit more space, The Murieta Hills Estates are set amongst 140 acres of rolling green hills. They haven’t started building yet but will be opening up the lots soon.

Rancho Murieta North

Rancho Murieta North is a sprawling 772-acre development situated in the northern region. This expansive community is set to feature 827 single-family homes spread across 297 acres, offering residents spacious and comfortable living spaces. In addition to these residential areas, Rancho Murieta North also dedicates 435 acres to open green spaces, ensuring ample room for outdoor activities and natural beauty. Furthermore, the development incorporates 40 acres of commercial space, enhancing convenience and accessibility for its residents. The community is intelligently divided into eight distinct villages, each temporarily referred to as Village A through H.

Rancho Murieta Weather & Climate

Rancho Murieta weather is typical of California. It has pretty hot and clear summers which don’t see a lot of rain. The winters are cold, wet, and partly cloudy. Summer begins in early June and extends to late September. The hottest month of the year is July, with average highs of 97°F and lows of 61°F. Winter starts in late November and ends in late February. The average daily highs are below 64°F. The coldest month of the year is December. Lows average 39°F and highs average 58°F. Rancho Murieta does get a good chunk of rain at 21 inches per year on average. The rainiest month is March, but reall, December through March sees a lot of rain, so make sure to grab your raincoat!

Things to Do in Rancho Murieta CA

Rancho Murieta offers wineries, local history museums, parks, and lots more activities and interesting things to see. In addition, excellent shopping options include Northgate Plaza, a Walmart Superstore, and local shops. Here are some of the best things to do in Rancho Murieta CA:

Rancho Murieta Country Club

Rancho Murieta Country Club offers a wealth of activities for members and guests. Enjoy championship golf on the scenic Rancho Murieta golf course, relax by the pool, or experience fine dining in the clubhouse. Tennis, equestrian pursuits, and a vibrant social calendar ensure there’s always something exciting to do at the club.

7000 Alameda Dr, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 354-3400

Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center

Rancho Murieta Equestrian Center is a haven for horse enthusiasts. Explore the well-appointed facilities, including spacious arenas and scenic trails for riding. The experienced staff offers lessons and horse care services. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, there’s a place for you to embrace the equestrian lifestyle in Rancho Murieta.

7200 Lone Pine Dr, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 985-7334

Sky Drifters Hot Air Ballooning

Sky Drifters Hot Air Ballooning offers a breathtaking adventure like no other. Soar above picturesque landscapes, catching stunning views of nature from the sky. Experience the thrill and serenity of ballooning with our expert pilots. Whether it’s a romantic flight or a group adventure, create unforgettable memories with Sky Drifters Hot Air Ballooning.

7000 Stonehouse Rd, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 244-4808

Additional Attractions In Rancho Murieta:

Rancho Murieta CA Restaurants

There are many dining options available in Rancho Murieta, from fancy restaurants to cafes. Enjoy a high-end dining experience or a casual, fun family meal. Here are some of the top-rated restaurants in Rancho Murieta:

Naan King Rancho Murieta

Naan King invites you on a culinary journey through the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. Our restaurant offers a delectable menu featuring aromatic curries, flavorful biryanis, and, of course, the freshest naan bread. With a warm and welcoming ambiance, Naan King is the perfect place to savor the essence of India’s culinary heritage.

7238 Murieta Dr A3, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 312-5066

Go 4 Pizza Rancho Murieta CA

Go 4 Pizza is your go-to destination for delicious pizza creations. They serve up a mouthwatering menu of traditional and innovative pies, crafted with fresh ingredients and a dash of creativity. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or seeking a unique topping combination, they’ve got a slice of perfection waiting for you at Go 4 Pizza.

7195 Murieta Dr #218, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 354-2700

The Gate Restaurant

The Gate Restaurant in Rancho Murieta is your premier destination for exquisite steakhouse dining. Savor the finest cuts of meat, expertly prepared to perfection. The warm ambiance and attentive service create an unforgettable date night restaurant in Rancho Murieta. Whether for a special occasion or a memorable night out, The Gate promises a delectable journey for discerning palates.

7337 Murieta Dr, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, (916) 354-3900

Jobs In Rancho Murieta CA


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Rancho Murieta, CA employs 11,400 people, most working in office & administrative support, sales & related occupations, and farming, fishing, & forestry. Moving to Rancho Murieta and searching for a job? There are a lot of jobs near Rancho Murieta. The average salary in Rancho Murieta is $18.20 per hour or $37,856 per year, according to Payscale. Many residents commute from Rancho Murieta to Sacramento for a wide variety of job opportunities.

Living in Rancho Murieta and working comes with a great opportunity for employment. Check out Rancho Murieta jobs and employment on Indeed or Rancho Murieta City Job Board.

Schools In Rancho Murieta, CA

The Elk Grove Unified School District serves the students of Rancho Murieta. There are no public schools in Rancho Murieta. Some of the schools students attend are Cosumnes River Elementary, Katherine L. Albiani Middle, and Pleasant Grove High in Elk Grove, CA. All these schools are within about 20 minutes of Rancho Murieta. There are no private schools in Rancho Murieta, either. The top private schools in Sacramento County include  Brookfield School in Sacramento (PK-8), Merryhill Elementary & Middle School in Sacramento (PK-8), and Sacramento Country Day School in Sacramento (PK-12). 

If you are looking for higher education, there are 81 colleges within 100 miles of Rancho Murieta. The closest one is Folsom Lake College in Folsom, which is 11.5 miles away. The largest college in the area is the University of California Berkeley, enrolling 45,036 students. If you’re looking for an affordable education, Sierra College in Rocklin offers the lowest tuition in the area at $1,104 per year.

The Rancho Cordova Branch of the Sacramento County Library is the closest public library to Rancho Murieta, about 17 miles away.

Rancho Murieta CA Statistics & Information

  • County: Sacramento
  • Area: 12.068 square miles
  • Rancho Murieta zip code: 95683
  • Area codes: 916, 279
  • Elevation: 167 feet
  • Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
  • Closest airport: Sacramento (SMF) Airport, 29.8 miles away

Rancho Murieta, CA Map

Explore the area and other fun attractions and restaurants with this map of Rancho Murieta.

If moving to Rancho Murieta is in your future, Mother Lode Movers can help! Our experienced Rancho Murieta movers will be there every step of the way. We’d love to give you a free quote, so call 916-631-4285 or fill out our form with more details about your upcoming relocation!


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