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How to Pack Your Belongings like the Pros

When you are ready to move to a new home, it is essential to pack like a professional to make the process of moving easier along with protecting your possessions.

Tip 1: Organize Your Possessions First

Begin by sorting your possessions so that similar items are together, making it faster to pack the items. While you are organizing, this is also a good time to get rid of anything that you don’t want to move. Avoid packing items that are broken or that you no longer use to make the entire moving process less stressful. You can donate clothing and other household goods to a charitable organization, or you might want to arrange a garage sale to make some extra cash.

Tip 2: Buy All of Your Packing Materials in One Trip

You may have kept the original boxes for electronics, and these containers are perfect for packing your television and computer for a move to a new location. However, you may need to cushion the items properly for the move. Office supply stores sell an assortment of cardboard boxes and plastic containers along with cushioning materials such as tissue paper and packing peanuts. It is better to have too much packing material so that you won’t need to make multiple trips to a store while you are trying to move.

Tip 3: How to Pack Fabric Items For Moving

Before packing fabric items, make sure to wash and dry the items so that stains won’t develop in the garments or bedding. If you want to fold items, then do it carefully while smoothing the items to remove wrinkles and excess air. With this method, you can place more into a plastic tote. For additional protection, you can line the container with trash bags. Make sure to label the plastic totes so that you can find your bedroom and bathroom linens along with your clothing.

Tip 4: Use Small Boxes for Delicate or Heavy Items

If you have a lot of books, then don’t try to pack the items in a huge box because books are heavy. It is especially important to wrap books in plastic to prevent any contamination from moisture or vermin. Insects such as cockroaches and rodents such as mice will chew on the paper of books when the items are stored in a box on a moving van. When you are packing breakable items such as glassware or figurines, wrap each item in paper before placing a cardboard divider between the things to prevent chips and scratches.

Tip 5: Understand How to Pack Dishware

Dishes are also heavy items that can break easily, so line a cardboard box with tissue paper before placing the soup bowls, plates and saucers on the sides of the items rather than stacking the dishes. You may need to place cardboard dividers between dishes to protect the items from damage. Avoid placing too many dishes in one box because the bottom of the container will break when you pick it up.


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