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Best Neighborhoods in Arden Arcade, CA

Arden Arcade Neighborhoods 👪 | Best Places to Live in Arden Arcade California

Last Updated on: 5th August 2023, 10:25 pm

Are you thinking about living in Arden Arcade? One of the largest and best suburbs of Sacramento, Arden Arcade has over 30 neighborhoods to explore with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a walkable community, a hip neighborhood with plenty to do, or a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood, you’ll find it in this charming community.

Here are the best Arden Arcade neighborhoods you’ll want to add to your list!

Arden Park Vista | Safest Arden Arcade Neighborhood

Arden Park Vista is one of the best neighborhoods in Arden Arcade. It’s centrally located and offers numerous amenities for the whole family! It also has one of lowest crime rates in the entire CDP. Arden Park has a few community parks that the residents adore and is rated the fourth most walkable neighborhood in Arden Arcade. 

Stroll to the Arden Park Recreation & Park District, where you can utilize the softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, and swimming pool (which is great on a California summer day). Cresta Park is another go-to activity with children. Your kids can even walk to school, as all homes within Arden Park Vista are a few blocks from Mariemont Elementary.

The homes are higher than the median home price in Sacramento, but if you’re looking for one of the safest and most walkable neighborhoods in Arden Arcade, Arden Park Vista is worth the investment.

Arden Oaks | Family-Friendly Neighborhood in Arden Arcade

Covering one square mile, with a small population of 3,758, Arden Oaks is a tight-knit neighborhood in Arden Arcade known for its beautiful, unique homes and proximity to family-friendly activities. Arden Oaks is positioned a few blocks from the heart of Arden, and a few other desirable amenities like healthy shopping at Whole Foods Market and parks like Orville Wright Park.

You have options outside of your Arden Oaks too! If you’re willing to venture out of your quaint neighborhood, River Bend Park is a great spot, only 9 miles away. The views are breathtaking regardless of the month, but River Bend gets especially busy during the warm spring and summer months.

Del Paso Manor | Affordable Arden Neighborhood

Unlike Park Vista and Arden Oaks, you can purchase a home in Del Paso Manor without spending a fortune. All properties in Del Paso are well-maintained and unique. If you want to reap the benefits of living in one of the best Arden Arcade neighborhoods but don’t have an unlimited budget to spend, Del Paso Manor is the neighborhood for you. It’s safe, has one of the best parks in Arden (Del Paso Manor Park), and is conveniently located near indoor activities, like Country Club Lanes.

  • Population: 5,224
  • Average rent: $1,572
  • Median home price: $460,000

Sierra Oaks Vista | Affluent Arden Arcade Neighborhood

Sierra Oaks Vista is an exclusive, desirable Arden Neighborhood. If you enjoy the finer things in life (like country clubs, golf days, and luxurious homes), Sierra Oaks may be the place for you. Sierra Oaks is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in Arden Arcade. Properties are rarely for sale in Sierra, so if you find one you like, we suggest jumping on the opportunity. There are occasional rentals, but those are even rarer than a home listing.

Expect most homes to have an acre or so of land, three to five bedrooms and two to four bathrooms, a luxury swimming pool and outdoor seating, and an updated interior.

Timberlake | Arden Arcade Neighborhood For Young Professionals

Timberlake is the perfect option if you are commuting to Sacramento or aren’t ready to purchase a home just yet. Timberlake is a condominiums only neighborhood, but they are available for purchase. Timberlake is children and dog-friendly and does have an HOA with a monthly fee of $542.

Timblerlake embodies a natural ambiance with green foliage and California trees positioned throughout the grounds. Some backyards even have ponds with wrap-around porches. Expect your basic amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, and pool.

You can reside in Timberland even if you have a family or are retired. They’re an inclusive and welcoming community with very minimal restrictions.

  • Population: 37,522
  • Average Rent: $1,665

Arden Terrace | Diverse Arden Arcade Neighborhood

Arden Terrace has a diverse population. The racial makeup of Arden Terrace is 47.5% White, 14.1% Hispanic, 12.4% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 9.8% Black, 6.3% American Indian, 0.8% American Indian, and 6.9% two or more. Arden Terrace is an affordable and desirable place to live thanks to its great school district, the San Juan Unified School District, and proximity to attractive amenities like Cottage Park and Cottage Pool. Arden Terrace is great for the young professional, family, or individual!

Arden Manor | Best Arden Arcade Neighborhood

Arden Manor is one of the most populous Arden neighborhoods and for a good reason! Arden Manor is affordable (with a $40,000 lower median home price than Arden Arcade) and boasts beautiful real estate, walkable streets, and proximity to attractive indoor and outdoor attractions. Arden Manor is only 1.5 miles from one of the best cafes in Arden Arcade, Temple Coffee Roasters. And is near a few great parks like Jonas Larkspur Park and Crabtree Park (which is known for its great playground area).

The schools located near Arden Manor are Gateway International School (a top 100 California elementary school), Sierra Oaks K-8, and General Davie Jr. Primary Center.

We think it’s fair to say this is one of the best neighborhoods in Arden Arcade. 

  • Population: 12,120
  • Average rent: $1,688
  • Median home price $395,000
  • Arden Manor

Del Norte Oaks | Exclusive Arden Arcade Neighborhood

The few homes listed in Del Norte Oaks are quickly purchased, making it one of the most exclusive Arden Arcade neighborhoods. While the median home price is above the Arden Arcade average, some affordable homes are occasionally listed in this neighborhood.

Del Norte Oaks has a few attributes that set it apart. For example, according to US News, Cowan Fundamental Elementary, located two blocks from Del Norte, is one of the better-rated elementary schools in Arden Arcade.

If you’re looking for one of the best, most reputable, and safest Arden Arcade neighborhoods, Del Norte Oaks is the one for you. 

  • Population: 27,743
  • Average rent: $1,508
  • Median home price: 1.2 million

Mariemont | Walkable Arden Arcade Neighborhood

Mariemont is located on the Southeast of Arden and is considered a walkable neighborhood. All the streets connect, resulting in a total of 1.024 squares of walking or running space. Not to mention, the areas surrounding Mariemont are safe and walkable. Mariemont is in proximity to a great park, Valley Oak Park, which can add an exciting change of scenery to your evening stroll. 

Besides its walkability, Mariemont is known for its location and proximity to one of Arden Arcade’s highly-rated spas, the Arden Hills: A Wellness Resort. Only 1/2 a mile from your perfectly-positioned homestead, a yearly membership at the Arden Hills Wellness Resort may be worth considering.

Bell Arden | New-Construction Homes in Arden Arcade

Bell Arden should be a top contender if you’re looking for brand-new, updated, and sleek new-constructions homes in Arden Arcade. With a small population and limited homes for sale, Bell Arden is an exclusive new construction area in Arden. Most homes in Arden Arcade are older, built in the early 90s or before, so new-construction homes are rarely seen and are a hot commodity. Before pouring your everything into a fixer-upper, consider paying a bit more initially, but enjoy your home immediately.

  • Population:
  • Average rent: $1,665
  • Median home price: $347,000

Map of Arden Arcade Neighborhoods

Browse this map of Arden Arcade neighborhoods to help you decide which wonderful Arden Arcade neighborhoods you’d like to move to!

If you’re venturing to the beautiful CDP of Arden-Arcade, CA, there are a few things you need to know. Arden Arcade is a wonderful place to live, with many beautiful homes and neighborhoods. However, taking on a relocation alone can be stressful, putting a damper on the excitement of a new city. Don’t stress your transition to Arden Arcade; allow the dedicated, hardworking Arden Arcade movers handle the heavy lifting. Call today at 916-631-4285 for a free estimate.


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