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5 Packing Tips that Actually Work

Last Updated on: 18th June 2020, 10:04 pm

packing tips that work

When moving day is fast approaching, it can get overwhelming very quickly when thinking about all the belongings that you own that need to be packed. Rather than cutting corners and risking damaging your stuff, there is an easier way to pack everything so it arrives safely at the new residence.

Consider these 5 packing tips that actually work;

1. Labeling the Boxes Correctly

Labeling the boxes correctly will save you time now and after the move. Don’t just write the contents of the box on one side of the box, place it in multiple areas so you can read it when stacked on or in front of other boxes. It might take a little extra time now, but it will be easier to identify what is in the box and what room it needs to be unloaded in if you make the information easy to read.

2. Packing and Moving by Room

Packing boxes by room will make it easier to group these boxes together in the moving truck as well as unloading them all together into the appropriate room in the new house. You feel less overwhelmed packing one room at a time once you begin building momentum. Packing room by room also eliminates the chance that you will be mixing items from different rooms in the same boxes.

3. Using the Right Boxes and Packing Paper

Invest in moving boxes and packing paper. Used cardboard boxes from the supermarket might not be able to protect your belongings like a good corrugated moving box will. Used boxes might be damaged or have spills inside, attracting all sorts of bugs into your home. Newspaper can run and leave stains on your belongings, only use plain packing paper to keep your belongings safe in the box.

4. Filling the Boxes to the Top

Not filling the boxes to the top can cause a number of issues on moving day. Wasted space not utilized in the box has to be made up elsewhere, so you need a bigger truck. If the inside of the box isn’t fully, heavy weight from another boxes placed on top will crush the box and damage the belongings. Fill that open space with stuffed animals, linens, clothing, anything that will make the box more sturdy.

5. Leaving Linens and Clothing Alone

One packing tip that actually works is leaving the majority of linens and clothing in drawers. Packing clothing in boxes just takes up more time and valuable space in the moving truck. Leaving some tee shirts in a dresser drawer adds a pound or two to the weight of the dresser. Pack curtains, linens, and clothes, inside drawers so they are both protected and not taking up space you can utilize for other items.

If you put the effort in packing your belongings correctly now, unloading and unpacking will be that easier. If done correctly, you’ll need less time unpacking all of your belongings into the new house.


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